In carrying out any investigation the potential always exists for the outputs to be utilised as part of litigation or similar processes. With this in mind, all of our investigation procedures are carried out to the highest forensic standards so as to withstand any subsequent challenge.

Our Special Investigations team, which includes Chartered Accountants, Certified Fraud Examiners, Barristers and Chartered Tax Advisers, has extensive experience in carrying out large scale, multidisciplinary investigations involving both civil and criminal matters.

Assignments of this nature frequently demand immediate yet comprehensive responses. Our specialist teams act promptly seeking to prevent further loss or damage to your business. We work closely with our forensic/IT experts and highly experienced legal advisors to ensure that all aspects of the investigation are being proactively and professionally dealt with.

In particular our team have been involved in a number of contentious insolvency cases in recent years arising from corporate failures and bankruptcy. In addition to our investigation services our team of insolvency practitioners are available to take appointment as Liquidator, Receiver or Trustee in Bankruptcy to assist a creditor with the recovery of assets.

In formal insolvency appointments we utilise the various powers under the Companies Act, both civil and where applicable criminal, to ensure that appropriate actions are initiated to penalise wrongful conduct and to seek the return of assets inappropriately transferred to maximise the return to creditors. Actions often include Director restriction/disqualification proceedings and actions in relation to fraudulent/reckless trading, unfair preference and overturning pre-liquidation dispositions.

We have been engaged by numerous stakeholders including private companies, the Revenue Commissioners, the Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement (ODCE), the Department of Enterprise Trade and Employment and financial institutions to undertake assignments into a range of fraudulent financial irregularities, asset tracing/recovery, procurement fraud, procedural reviews etc. Additionally our work has involved liaison with enforcement and regulatory bodies including the Criminal Assets Bureau, Garda Bureau of Fraud Investigation and accountancy/legal compliance regulators.

Many of our investigations and enforcement actions have an international dimension. Our team has a wealth of experience in dealing with cross-border issues, including the recognition of Irish High Court Orders in other jurisdictions, and we regularly liaise with our colleagues in member firms worldwide to provide seamless solutions to such cases.

RSM has the extensive experience and specific skill set needed to support your organisation with a full range of forensic investigation services. Let us put our knowledge, global reach and professional approach to work on your behalf.

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