The green energy sector is continuously changing as the carbon agenda becomes increasingly prominent, consumption levels rise and climate change developments consistently present new challenges. Today’s race to respond to these changes through renewable resources and net zero sustainability measures has given rise to new opportunities, many of which are particularly true in Ireland.

Looking towards the future and the impact renewable energy can have, many businesses wish to take part in this development. Companies with a focus on renewable energy are future-oriented and take part in a growing market, both in terms of size and importance. By letting our team assist with essential tasks such as advisory, tax, accounting, assurance, risk management and more, your company can focus refining and executing your core strategy.

We work closely with our client base including traditional energy providers, renewable developers & operators, and service providers, including an increasing number of tech enabled propositions. We believe in ongoing partnership with our clients so that we can add value at every stage of the project lifecycle. Whatever your focus in the broader sector, we have the right knowledge, experience, and international reach to assist you in creating value and achieving your objectives.


Our key service offerings include:

  • Carbon accounting and reporting
  • Tax advisory and structuring advice
  • Outsourced financial/ accountancy services  
  • Accessing capital markets
  • M&A 
  • Valuation
  • Due diligence
  • Developing and reviewing complex financial models
  • Strategic advisory

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