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Managing tax obligations is a key element in business, especially when considering the impact of inward and outward investment strategies to produce effective tax structures. At RSM, our tax advisory team believes in looking beyond the tax situation of a business. We understand the consequences of taxation and take a holistic and commercial view. We offer practical and direct advice, delivering the tax solutions you need.

Each business must comply with increasingly complex tax rules – something which is even more critical for an internationally active enterprise which carries out cross-border transactions, requiring the help of expert tax advisory knowledge and planning.

Alongside being one of Ireland’s leading accountancy firms, we are part of a global network of experts, meaning we have a vast pool of knowledge and experience in assisting both local and foreign businesses, and helping to provide the tax solutions they require.  

We understand that business decisions have a taxation implication, which is why we work alongside you to create bespoke tax solutions for your business. We do this by listening to what your business and personal goals are, and from these goals we are able to provide the right tax advisory plans to help assist you, and help you succeed.

You can rely on us for our practical, commercially focused corporate tax advisory services. And you can rest assured that our team of tax advisory experts are dedicated to finding the best possible solutions for your business.

Our approach to finding the right tax solutions for your business encompasses:

  • Risk assessment
  • Maximising resources and wealth
  • Planning to facilitate decision making

If you’re looking for premium tax services, you can be fully confident that you’ve chosen the right firm in RSM Ireland. If you would like to know more about our tax advisory services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

Aidan Byrne appears in the Business Plus Tax Advisers edition

‘Tax issues are only part of the jigsaw in business succession’
10 September 2019
Aidan Byrne appears in the Business Plus Tax Advisers edition

RSM Ireland appoints Paddy Stapleton as new Tax Partner

RSM Ireland, the 8th largest accounting firm in the country and the biggest first-generation firm, is pleased to announce the appointment of Paddy Stapleton as Partner.
17 February 2020
RSM Ireland appoints Paddy Stapleton as new Tax Partner

Accounting jobs -opportunities with our growing Tax team

RSM Ireland is one of the top 10 accounting firms in Ireland. We are part of the RSM global network, the 6th largest network of independent audit, tax and consulting firms, with firms in over 116 countries.
23 April 2019
Accounting jobs in our growing Tax team

Brexit Bill – planning for a no deal Brexit

With a no deal Brexit looking more and more likely, the Irish Government published a Brexit Omnibus Bill (‘Brexit Bill’) on 22nd February to prepare Ireland for what might be to come on 29 March 2019.
26 February 2019

Pre-trading expenses and when they were incurred by another company

In the beginning, a business may incur certain pre-trading expenses in advance of actually commencing trade. Such expenses would include (but are not limited to); costs of feasibility studies, accountancy fees, advertising costs, rent of premises etc. 
14 March 2019

PAYE Modernisation

    PAYE Modernisation and Real Time Reporting (RTR) has been effective since 01 January 2019 and applies to all registered employers with employees.
10 January 2019

Global tax changes and tax due diligence - Sunday Business Post Report

Tax Partner, Aidan Byrne, spoke to journalist Siobhán Maguire from the Sunday Business Post to discuss the global tax changes for any company expanding abroad.
10 December 2018

Can we gift our flat to our child tax-free?

Q We would like to give our adult child and spouse a small flat we own in Dublin to help them on to the property ladder. We bought the flat in 2014 and it has probably increased in value, by approximately € 15,000.
9 June 2016

Aidan Byrne on Newstalk FM: tax implications for Irish companies expanding overseas

RSM Ireland Tax Partner, Aidan Byrne, joined Vincent Wall in the Newstalk FM studio for the Breakfast Business show to discuss the tax implications Irish companies may encounter when diversifying overseas. Commenting, Aidan Byrne said:
22 November 2018
Aidan Byrne on Newstalk FM

My hotel property is now worthless - can I claim the cost of this investment as a loss for CGT?

I acquired a suite in a hotel some 17 years ago claiming full tax relief over the following 7 years under the hotels’ allowances scheme.
24 January 2019

Budget 2019 Commentary

10 October 2018
RSM Ireland Budget 2019

Aidan Byrne speaks at 'Brexit implications for US companies' event

Aidan Byrne, Tax partner at RSM Ireland, has been invited to Chicago to speak at a seminar aimed at informing U.S. companies with subsidiaries in the U.K.
7 June 2018
Brexit implications on US companies

Irish guidelines for tax on income from letting short-term accommodation

The Irish tax authorities, on April 17, issued new guidance (Tax and Duty Manual Part 04-01-20) to taxpayers on the tax treatment of the provision of short-term accommodation in cases where a landlord/tenant relationship does not exist, fo
24 April 2018
Irish guidelines for tax on income from letting short-term accommodation

Irish Tax Authorities release guidelines on the transfer pricing requirements for low-value intra-group services

The Irish tax authorities, on March 15, provided new guidance (Tax and Duty Manual 
22 March 2018
Tax transfer pricing Seán McCarthy

Country by Country Reporting (“CbCR”) – Implementation in an International Context

What is CbCR? CbCR is a compliance obligation placed on multinational enterprises (“MNE”) whereby they annually report the key elements of their financial statements. The figures are broken down by the jurisdictions in which they do business.
15 January 2018
Cbcr, Country by Country Reporting, what is CbCR, implementing internationally

Budget 2018 commentary

Ireland’s Minister for Finance and Public Expenditure and Reform announced Ireland’s Budget 2018 Statement at 1.00pm today. Please see below our brief document which comments on Budget 2018 and summarises the main changes in respect of taxation policy. For any further information, please refer to your usual contact at RSM Ireland.
10 October 2017
Budget 2018 commentary

Tax flash – Review of Ireland’s corporation tax code

On 12 September, a report on Ireland’s Corporation Tax Code was published by Minister Paschal Donohoe T.D. (Finance and Public Expenditure & Reform), which makes a number of recommendations for future changes to Ireland’s corporation tax regime.   We've got what you need to know here. Topics covered include:
18 September 2017
corporation tax, Irish corporation tax, Ireland's corporation tax

OECD awards Ireland highest international rating on tax transparency

On 25 August, the OECD’s Global Forum on transparency and exchange of information for tax purpose awarded Ireland the highest international rating on tax transparency and exchange of information.
29 August 2017
Irish OECD award

My parents have offered me €30K. Do I pay tax on it?

My parents have offered to give me a €30,000 deposit to buy an apartment. What are the tax implications of this?
19 July 2017

Employers be aware, amendment to civil service mileage rates

The Department of Public Expenditure and Reform recently published new civil service mileage rates.  As you will be aware, these provide the maximum limits for businesses that offer employees tax free reimbursement for business motoring expenses.  The new rates came into effect on 1 April 2017.
11 April 2017
Mileage rates tax flash

Revenue Commissioners issue eBrief on R&D Tax Credits

The Revenue Commissioners published eBrief No. 17/17 on 17 February concerning its audit policy of R&D tax credit claims. It provides that Revenue will minimise the need to engage experts to verify the Science Test requirement for R&D tax credit claims.
20 February 2017
Revenue Commissioners issue eBrief on R&D Tax Credits

Capital Gains Tax on a site with planning?

Q: I have just read the answer to a query in the Property Clinic in The Irish Times. In it you state that one can sell one’s principal primary residence without incurring Capital Gains Tax.The site under discussion is a development site with planning permission for four houses.
19 January 2017

Review overseas assets now to avoid Revenue clampdown

Following the announcement in Budget 2017 that taxpayers are being given six months to ensure tax compliance should they have hidden off-shore assets, RSM Ireland is now urging the members of the public to come forward to review their position, even if they believe themselves to be compliant.
11 January 2017
Tax avoidance, overseas assets, offshore accounts

Property related tax issues

In this article Damien O’Sullivan deals with some common tax queries that arise in relation to property transactions.
10 November 2016
Property related tax issues

Re-launch by EU of Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base (CCCTB)

In October 2016, the Commission proposed to re-launch the Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base. The re-launched CCCTB will be implemented through a two-step process and will be mandatory for the largest groups in the EU.
4 November 2016

Taxation on the sale/acquisition of a brokerage

The taxes arising on the sale/acquisition of a financial brokerage depend on whether the business was operated as a sole trader/partnership or as a limited company. In the case of a limited company, the tax will also depend on whether the shares in the company are sold, or whether the assets of the company are sold and the company retained or liquidated.
12 October 2016
Taxation on the sale/acquisition of a brokerage

Dwelling house relief explained

John who is 80 and suffering from poor health wants his son Michael and Michael’s wife Mary, to move into his house to help care for him and John wishes to gift the house to them. Michael wants to know what the tax consequences will be for each of them?
23 September 2016
Dwelling house relief, tax planning, succession planning

EU member states agree Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive

On 21 June, the EU’s ministers of Finance and Economic Affairs (ECOFIN Council) reached unanimous political agreement on a draft Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive. This will provide a set of legally binding anti-avoidance measures, which all Member States must implement to further tax reform and counter harmful tax practices.
23 June 2016
EU member states agree Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive

Global business reaction to BEPS

Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) refers to the erosion of national taxation bases and the artificial shifting of profits between jurisdictions resulting generally from the inability of industrial-age tax laws to respond to the digital economy, and specifically from the existence of unintended gaps and mismatches between different countries’ tax systems.
22 June 2016

VAT registration tax flash

As you may be aware, Irish VAT registration applications are subject to robust vetting procedures by the Irish tax authorities, which can result in long waiting times for tax registration, especially for non-resident entities.
9 June 2016

Getting to grips with Leasing and Hire Purchase Agreements

I am about to change some equipment but am not sure how to finance it. What are the options and which is likely to be the best for me? This is a question we often receive from clients in the office and, in fact, there is no one answer that suits all circumstances. In general the purchase can be financed by:
22 November 2015
Leasing and hire purchase