PAYE accounts for a sizeable portion of the total tax collected by the Revenue Commissioners, but unfortunately it is you as an employer who hasto bear the burden of reporting and calculating the PAYE, USC and PRSI due from each Payroll.

In providing you with our Payroll support services, we’ll take the time to get to know your business and provide advice tailored to your specific needs. This will mean that your remuneration systems, processes and controls are robust and fit for purpose particularly since the introduction of Real Time Reporting (RTR) through ROS on 1 January 2019.

Our Payroll support services include:

  • Completing on-site health checks
  • Assisting you with support during Revenue audits, enquiries and reviews
  • Assisting you in updating your internal policies procedures to reflect any changes in legislation
  • Advising on how to treat self-employed consultants and sub-contractors
  • Structuring termination payments and redundancy arrangements to minimise tax costs whilst delivering accurate reporting
  • Designing expenses and benefits policies and procedure

How can we help?

Please contact us for further information on how our specialist team can help your business.