Capital gains tax arises on the disposal of capital assets. Depending on the value of the asset(s) being sold, tax at 33% may be applied to any gain arising on that disposal. At RSM Ireland we help our clients minimise the capital gains tax payable on these disposals by providing expert advice in the following ways:

  • We ensure that the tax reliefs available are maximised for our clients on asset disposals e.g. Entrepreneur's Relief, Retirement Relief;
  • Advising on when to crystallise capital losses and  how to utilise those losses to shelter future capital gains;
  • Highlighting the appropriate timing to transfer assets to the next generation
  • Guidance on how to restructure shareholdings in your company tax efficiently;
  • Advising on the disposal of trading subsidiaries and applying reliefs such as the Participation Exemption               

How can we help?

At RSM Ireland we have extensive experience in capital gains tax planning and assisting our clients maximise the reliefs available to them.

If you would like to discuss any of the capital gains tax reliefs available, please contact our tax team.