The new Business Crisis and Insolvency Code, in force since 2022, has highlighted with renewed vigour the importance for any economic activity organised as a business to prevent and to deal efficiently with situations that could jeopardise business continuity. 

Our team of professionals, lawyers and accountants, can handle all situations of financial imbalance, interacting with banks and suppliers in order to promptly resolve the crisis situations while safeguarding the business and shielding directors from potential liabilities. 

Our team offers assistance and consultancy services services with the precise aim of managing crisis situations and corporate restructuring, assessing the issues under every aspects, either civil, criminal or tax. We work to rescue, relaunch and, wherever necessary, protect the company and its directors.

Finally, we address restructuring plans and other institutions and instruments introduced or modified by the reform.


Our services:

  •  Corporate restructuring - implementation and monitoring 
  • Insolvency advice to distressed companies, lenders, suppliers and other creditors or potential buyers of the business 
  • Debt collection 
  • Debt Restructuring 
  • Representation at creditor meetings 
  • Negotiation and drafting of restructuring agreements or plans with creditors and composition agreements