A Succession Plan can ensure a considerate delineation of the desired conditions for the transfer of one's assets to their heirs and this is even more important where the family business is among the assets to be transferred. At RSM we are familiar with the complexity of the dynamics linked to a family business and such expertise is a distinctive feature of our services offered to the middle market, both in Italy and abroad. 

Our legal team is advises on all critical aspects of a family business, from succession planning to the transition to the next generation. Our aim is to strike a balance between the different positions of the parties involved, but always with a view to ensuring continuity to the company’s life, precisely because, as experts of the corporate world, we are aware of the importance that each company assumes for all those stakeholders that differ from the owner’s family (employees, consultants, suppliers, clients, professionals and all entities that obtain a revenue from it). Our succession plans are thus guided by a long-term strategic approach that takes due account of technical-economic, legal and tax aspects as well as the composition of the family and its often intricate dynamics. 

Our team provides assistance in complex assets management, even by means of institutions which are not strictly peculiar to Italian Law such as trusts and, in cooperation with the unit that deals with tax advisory for natural persons, in handling double taxation situations and all other cross-border taxation issues.


Our services:

  • Succession and asset planning 
  • Trusts and management of supranational patrimonies 
  • Creation of a family council or business office 
  • Support and advice during the succession process 
  • Drafting and execution of wills and transfer of property after death