Personnel is the most important resource for a company but the most difficult to manage at the same time. 

Constant changes in the economic environment, global mobility and the demand for a flexible workforce, as well as the stratification of laws and regulations in different jurisdictions are all factors that make HR management challenges increasingly complex and fraught with pitfalls. 

Our labour lawyers are aware that a company, in order to attract and keep its talent, shall nowadays pursue equity, inclusion, well-being, understanding, listening, and sustainability. 

Everything that revolves around an employment relationship must faithfully reflect these new paradigms, starting with the contractual framework. 

RSM Legal Italia assists its clients to ensure perfect management compliance of personnel with regard to the applicable regulations, including those concerning health and safety in the workplace and accident prevention.


Our services:

  • Negotiation and drafting of different types of labour contracts, workplace codes of conduct, including regulations for specific needs. 
  • Drafting of documentation relating to disciplinary proceedings, including safety at work clauses Occupational safety consultancy (Legislative Decree 81/20 08) 
  • Negotiation and drafting of exclusivity, non-competition and confidentiality clauses 
  • Assistance in the quantification of salaries and remuneration and/or commissions 
  • Creation of incentive, corporate welfare and employee share plans 
  • Assistance in conflict management and dispute resolution 
  • Assistance in judicial and disciplinary proceedings 
  • Assistance and advice in the management of company registration in the social security system 
  • Corporate due diligence for human resources issues, including health and safety issues 
  • Assistance in drafting and/or updating the Risk Assessment Document (DVR, DUVRI), the Operational Safety Plan (POS), the Safety Plan and the Coordination Plan (PSC)