Nacho Gallostra
Partner. Tax & Legal

Nacho is a partner at RSM and specialises in corporate and commercial law.

He is responsible for advising national and international clients on the complexities, technicalities, and legalities of corporate matters and civil law. Moreover, Nacho is Secretary to the Board of Directors of several national and multi-national companies and acts as their legal counsel. In addition, he is the lawyer in charge of the RSM Spain Innovation Lab, an RSM International Legal Group member representing the Spanish legal practice and a member of the RSM Spain Board of Directors.

Before joining RSM Nacho was a lawyer for PwC and had his own Law Firm (TGG Legal), merged with RSM Spain in 2016.

Nacho is a lawyer with expertise in corporate law and commercial law and has over 30 years of professional experience. He is exceptionally skilled in commercial and corporate reorganisations, restructuring corporate groups, and acquiring & selling companies and assets.  Nacho is also adept at negotiating and writing multi-national contracts.

He provides services to clients from diverse sectors, operating nationally and internationally, including multi-national groups.  He takes a client-focused approach and has the technical skills, knowledge and ideas to provide value to clients in most industries. He has also served clients from distribution, chemical, construction, and leisure, thereby gaining more expertise in these sectors.

Also, ‎‎Nacho gains an in-depth understanding of his client’s businesses to meet their needs and help them face their challenges. He is a trusted advisor who provides creative solutions to complex legal issues and, alongside his designated team of experts, offers an emphatic approach, attentive service and superior work ethic.

He is the treasurer of the British Chamber of Commerce in Spain, an independent Spanish-British business organisation.

Recognised in the list of the best lawyers in Spain by Best Lawyers 2024.