RSM presents Sin Miedo
RSM presents

Sin Miedo

Fear is an emotion that has accompanied human beings throughout their existence.

We all feel fear, and anyone who says they don't is afraid to admit it.

It is a survival mechanism, which is why the situations that generate it have changed over the course of our history. For a long time, the main fears that tormented human beings were the product of nature: plagues that destroyed crops or caused disease, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions... However, other fears have arisen from the social and cultural context in which we live, and these can be real or irrational. Fear of failure. Fear of what people will say. Fake news. Wars. Crises. Pandemics. Climate change...

If you work, you are afraid of not being up to the task. Of losing your job. Or being taken away by an Artificial Intelligence.

If you are an entrepreneur, you have many fears.

And there is one that we all have. The fear of change.

We live surrounded by fear, and this serves to protect us, but it can also paralyse you.

In Spain, RSM is made up of more than 350 people and we have been helping companies and workers to overcome their fears for more than 20 years. With this study, carried out in 2023 by IO Research for RSM, we aim to find out more about the real fears of Spaniards. Because only by knowing our enemy will we be able to defeat it.

We present Sin Miedo

At RSM Spain we know a lot about fear, that's why we tell you:
Responde Sin Miedo. (Respond Without Fear.)
Reta Sin Miedo. (Challenge Without Fear. )
Reinicia Sin Miedo. (Reboot Without Fear. )
Ríe Sin Miedo. (Laugh Without Fear.)

Sin Miedo in the news

Study: Spanish people's fears

RSM presents Sin Miedo

The first study on the fears of Spaniards is now available. This study has been carried out by IO Investigación, a business group with more than 20 years of experience in market research and behavioural measurements.