There are different kind of valuations depending on the needs and circumstances when a valuation is required of the operations, assets and liabilities. 

Our team of valuation experts can assist you with a valuation in e.g. the following situations:

  • Business combinations or divestments 
  • Change in ownership structure 
  • Incentive programmes to employees 
  • Impairment tests 
  • Valuations in general when an indication of the enterprise value is required 
  • Development of policy’s, routines and valuation models for Investment entities.

The selected valuation model and scope is discussed with you as Customer, in order to adopt approach and time to be aligned with your needs.

Global network

We work in close collaboration with the Nordic RSM offices and are often involved in international transactions, both with private equity and industrial clients. Through the RSM network, we have access to broad global expertise and additional capabilities. We can therefore put together teams across national borders when the transactions require this. 



Please contact your local RSM office.