2020 quotas set for work permit & recognized language certificates

If the work permit quotas have increased in 2019 to address employment shortages, the Swiss Federal Council has decided to apply exactly the same quotas for 2020. Non-EU/EFTA will be subject to quotas of 4’500 long-term B-permits and 4’000 short-term L-permits. With respect to EU/EFTA nationals, quotas are still set at 500 B-permits and 3’000 L-permits. Assuming a no-deal Brexit, UK people will be subject to quotas of 2’100 B-permits and 1-400 L permits.


On the same note, B-permits and C-permits applicants must provide a language certificate that is delivered by a certified provider only. That provision is applicable to Non-EU/EFTA spouses of Non-EU/EFTA B-permit holders, foreign nationals applying for C-permits) except for people whom are national citizens from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Liechtenstein, Netherlands, Portugal and Spain. Further details with regards to the paths to the language passport are available on dedicated official website here: www.fide-info.ch.


Should you wish to discuss more on this topic, please do reach out to Global Employer Services team and contact Augustin de La Chapelle


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