Business continuity & contingency planning: Transaction advisory services

No matter the stage of the business life cycle, an unforeseen or sudden interruption to business, such as the coronavirus, can result in financial problems. Falling sales, a shortfall in cash flow and pressure to make interest and capital repayments all pose significant business continuity challenges.

Our multi-disciplinary Business Continuity team includes restructuring experts who can work in partnership with you to pro-actively assess and deal decisively with the continuity and contingency planning issues you face during unanticipated business scenarios.

To give your business the best chance of survival and recovery, reacting quickly and intelligently to signs of difficulty to business continuity is vital. Our expertise, experience and diplomacy are all key in helping to navigate difficult times and advising on appropriate action that will mitigate further loss. Through the RSM Global network we can also draw upon local knowledge for cross border assignments.

Key transaction advice our Business Continuity team can provide includes the areas of business assessment services, corporate restructuring, creditor services and examinership.


Business assessment services

We can work with you to provide a range of business assessment and reporting services to help return your business to its former health. From assessments on cashflow and working capital management to independent business reviews and tailormade reports, our team can offer valuable insights at times of uncertainty. Our reports are clear, focused on key factors and provide practical recommendations during a business continuity crisis.

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Corporate restructuring

Our Business Continuity team can provide advice on crisis stabilisation, turnaround strategies and corporate restructuring plans. To fight the consequences of a critical incident like Coronavirus or an adverse weather event and to give your organisation the best chance of recovery, you need to react quickly and effectively to signs of decline. Our team works with you to diagnose and deal decisively with the issues you face.

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Creditor services

Our bespoke and transparent approach to creditor services can support your business in times of business continuity difficulty. Our team can provide a range of services including everything from business risk monitoring through to insolvency claim management, provision of detailed management information and assessing and implementing debt recovery strategies.

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If your business becomes insolvent during an unforeseen business scenario, it may qualify for examinership. Should this become applicable to your business, our team of experts are well positioned to offer advice and guidance throughout each step of the journey.

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If you have any questions or require further information or assistance with the potential impacts of the coronavirus, please contact our Business Continuity team today.




George Maloney

Transaction Advisory Services Partner 

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