Business continuity & contingency planning: Consulting

As middle market businesses feel the coronavirus fallout within their organisations—from slowing supply chains to diminished workforce mobility—it’s important for leaders to stay on top of the evolving issues related to this crisis in order to mitigate risks and plan accordingly. 

Business leaders can sometimes feel paralysed by the rate of change when unforeseen or sudden major disruptions to business-as-usual strike, such as the coronavirus, extreme weather events or anticipated recessionary conditions. The resulting significant continuity challenges will test the skills of even the most experienced leaders. 

To stay resilient, organisations need to rapidly assess and respond to the situation, early decisions will give businesses greater options when impacts become felt. 

As part of our Covid-19 response planning service, our team offers advice and support on a range of issues to help businesses navigate through and out of the crisis. 

A substantial aspect of our focus is on avoiding the adverse effects of any crisis, through emergency planning, and helping businesses overcome the disruption they face. The team at RSM provides innovative solutions to minimise costs, manage risk, and properly position your organisation for success post Covid-19.

We will work with you to agree what actions you should take to minimise the disruption being caused by Covid-19 today and in the coming weeks. We will provide advice around a variety of core areas, specific to your business, all aimed at helping you manage the current crisis and being ready to trade once the crisis passes - no matter how long that will take. 

Virtual HR support

Our team of HR Consultants advise on a range of employment matters including pressing issues such as sick leave, home-working, lay-off and short-time working and redundancies. We endeavor to provide our clients with practical advice on employment law matters, rooted in commerciality and through a HR lens, whilst managing the associated risks in relation to contentious employment issues they may face, both internally, and externally. 

Reshaping your business

We can work with you to make the operational, financial, and resource changes required to get you through the crisis and to allow you hit the ground running when the crisis is over. 

Our multi-disciplinary team comprising of Technology, Process, HR, and Finance experts will identify the optimal future state of individual business functions to ensure they are right-sized and fit-for-purpose.

This will include assessments as to how you can reshape your operational processes to facilitate remote working and reduced resources.

Covid-19 Government Supports

Our team of financial advisors will work with you to advise you on what supports are available to you through this crisis. We can assist you with:

  • Applications for Covid-19 funds
  • Bank funding applications

Remote Internal audit

Internal audit services help keep your organisation safe, to weather the storms, and help your organisation achieve its goals and ambitions. However, in times of crisis, and the current requirements for social distancing, we need to re-think how to deliver these important services. Here at RSM we can now deliver internal audits remotely using safe and secure technologies which will keep your staff and your data free from risk. And ensure that your business remains healthy to face the challenges of Covid-19 and to be ready for when the crisis passes.

Cybersecurity & data risk management

This ever-present threat is even more prominent at times of business disruption and uncertainty, like the current Covid-19 pandemic, with more people than usual working remotely. It is well known that cybercriminals seek to play on vulnerability, so organisations must remain vigilant to the cyber threat environment, as well as to the general data risks associated with mass remote working. Talk to us about what you can do to help protect your business and your people against this growing cyber threat.

Interim Remote Resource solutions

Major disruptions to operations may negatively impact resourcing requirements, for example, creating long term staff absences, forcing internal reallocation of staff to alternative roles or one-off projects requiring external expertise. We can provide interim resource solutions to help address your business’ interim staffing requirement remotely:

Remote Financial Control

We understand that business disruption may arise in certain functions of a client’s finance department.  We offer support to client’s in key areas of their finance function:
Payroll management;

  • Accounts payable processing; and
  • Posting and reconciliation of bank transactions.

We also offer clients the choice of fully or partially outsourcing their management accounting function, tailored for their specific and evolving needs. Our team of experienced accounting professionals work with clients to improve their reporting and back-office accounting efficiencies.

Remote HR Management Services

We can provide a dedicated HR Consultant to act as your Virtual HR Manager during this period of uncertainty and change. Your HR Manager can provide a suite of HR services remotely including but not limited to:

  • Providing ongoing advice and support regarding a broad spectrum of HR matters;
  • Acting as a key contact for staff on employment matters;
  • Managing absenteeism, employee relations and remote working performance related issues;
  • Assisting with planned recruitment and onboarding;
  • Developing initiatives to help maintain employee engagement and productivity.

Remote IT Manager

As organisations continue to rely on IT during this Covid-19 crisis, to keep staff working from home, and to maintain communications with customers and suppliers, a need for a Virtual IT Manager has arisen. Talk to us about our providing such a resource – according to your needs - to perform the duties of an IT Manager and to offer new ways of working, but remotely and only accessed as required.

A substantial aspect of our contingency focus is on avoiding or mitigating the adverse effects of any crisis, through emergency planning, and helping businesses overcome the disruption they face. The Business Continuity team at RSM , provides innovative solutions to clients involved in critical continuity situations, allowing them to minimize costs, enhance value and properly position themselves for the future.


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