Organisational culture an intangible, yet powerfully influential, element of operating models – which can directly promote or impede organisational success. 

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Are you satisfied your organisational culture is aligned to your strategy? 

  • How much does your culture assist in the delivery of strategic goals?
  • Does your organisation have a clear set of values to guide workplace behaviours?
  • Are all your business units, or teams, working in an aligned and cohesive manner? 
  • Could your business benefit from a cultural refresh?


How can RSM Ireland can help? 

At RSM we assist organisations in two inter-related ways: 

  1. Assessment and defining culture – we work with organisations to understand their current culture with a view to ensuring it supports the delivery or achievement of strategic goals
  2. Implementation plans and support – based on our assessment of above we develop impactful implementation action plans with expert support to deliver same 

Some of the most common reasons for seeking to assess and potential influence culture include: 

  • High employee turnover or low employee engagement 
  • Pre and post merger or acquisition activity
  • Dysfunctional employee behaviours emerging
  • Misalignment of one or more business units to organisational strategy 


Assessment and Definition of Culture

Organisational culture is unique to particular organisations, so it follows that the assessment must also be unique. We develop bespoke, multi-faceted, assessments through an array of qualitative and quantitative methods appropriate to the size and complexity of the organisation.   


Leadership cultural workshop

Organisational culture is inextricably linked to the leadership of an organisation. We design workshops at Board and Senior Management level to: 

  • understand perceived culture
  • define desired future culture
  • unearth behaviours impacting culture
  • identify or refresh organisational values
  • identify potential subcultures (effective and dysfunctional)


Individual leadership interviews 

Individual interviews can be utilised in lieu, or to complement, leadership workshops. These can provide a confidential space for any leader to express a contra-conventional view or explore the specific behaviours of their own functional areas or teams. 


Cross sectional staff workshop 

Leaders set the values and desired culture of the organisation. However the lived experience of employees can be starkly different. A workshop with cross-sectional representative sample employees (e.g. different teams, length of service) can provide invaluable information when considered alongside leaderships perspective.  


Leadership and management psychometrics

We can deploy a suite of psychometrics to unearth hidden characteristics, traits and preferred working styles which may be directly impacting upon organisational culture. These reports can be utilised to enhance the self-awareness of individuals, or collective awareness, at senior management level. It can also assist in explaining where sub-cultures may be present. 


Bespoke engagement survey 

Surveys are an effective way to reach all-employees, which can either be designed to achieve a rapid assessment of culture or more in-depth exploration of specific topics. These surveys can be utilised to explore specific themes arising across other assessment activities 

Implementation Plan and Support

The findings arising from an organisational cultural assessment, and related actions, will be unique to each specific organisation. We can develop a range of actions  which may include: 

  • Creating compelling narratives for change
  • Senior leadership development
  • Executive coaching
  • Values refresh
  • Organisation structure or redesign
  • Employee engagement  


Sample cultural assessments 

Cultural assessments will be unique to the organisation, as illustrated in the examples below.


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