Whilst organisations strive to align people and strategy, misalignment can sometimes still occur, and workplace disputes can arise. RSM provide a full suite of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms to assist organisations in both preventing and resolving disputes when they do occur.


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Key considerations:

  • Could your team benefit from understanding how to resolve matters informally and early on, thus reducing the need for a formal process? 
  • Is your HR team resourced to take on complex ER cases?
  • Is your business equipped with the know-how to address and/or investigate complaints in a compliant manner? 

How can RSM Ireland can help? 

At RSM Ireland we pride ourselves in being able to provide our clients with a range of services aimed at both preventing and resolving workplace disputes. We provide bespoke training in the areas of Dignity at Work and Conflict Management which serve to promote the building of positive places to work whilst giving line managers the tools to create environments where conflict is less likely to arise. Our motto is that early informal conversations can help prevent future formal disputes arising. 

Where disputes do arise, we can assist through the provision of mediation and facilitation services with a view to empowering parties to reach alignment on a path to move forward. In circumstances where mediation and facilitation are not appropriate, we offer a full range of independent investigation services which are efficient, transparent and most importantly robust.


Dignity at Work & additional ADR Training

Drawing on our wealth of experience in HR and employee relations, in addition to completing numerous investigations across the Public and Private sectors, we provide bespoke training to businesses seeking to equip their staff with the tools and knowledge to address sensitive workplace issues with confidence. Our ADR training philosophy is based on the belief that a conversation held a number of years ago can prevents conflict today. However, we also offer skills-based training to equip organisations to manage complex cases internally. We have a suite of courses and programmes to deploy within organisations including: 

  • Dignity at Work (Anti-Bullying and Harassment)
  • Inclusive Leadership
  • Conflict Management
  • Investigation Skills 
  • Investigation Report Writing


At RSM Ireland, we have extensive experience of providing a range of expert solutions in workplace mediation and facilitation. We have a team of mediators, accredited and certified by the Mediators Institute of Ireland (MII), who offer skilled mediation services to organisations. We have a proven track record in facilitating successful mediation sessions, governed by the MII Code of Ethics. Our experienced team all have extensive backgrounds in HR and employment law and have assisted parties in the mediation of workplace disputes both in Ireland and internationally.


Workplace/Protected Disclosures Investigations

At RSM Ireland, we have a market-leading investigations practice, having successfully conducted over 700 Investigations across the full spectrum of policies i.e. Protected Disclosures, bullying, harassment, sexual harassment, grievance, and disciplinary/misconduct. 

Drawing on this extensive experience we have developed, and continuously improve, specific standard operating procedures for workplace investigations, ensuring that all parties are afforded fair procedure and natural justice throughout the process.


Facilitating an appeals process

In line with the Code of Practice on Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures, employers are encouraged to have a well-defined appeals mechanism available for employees. It may be preferable that an appeal is heard by an impartial, independent, external person in the interest of maintaining fairness and impartiality for the parties concerned, and we at RSM have extensive experience in chairing hearings of this nature in both Grievance and Disciplinary appeal settings. Our experienced team all have extensive backgrounds in HR and employment law and are available to assist you in this process.


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