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Our clients face relentless challenges. Market dynamics, regulatory change, customer demands – all are in a state of constant evolution. How do successful businesses stay ahead? They ensure they are operating at the maximum – investing in process enhancement and technology to help their people deliver time after time.

A guide to conducting a Data Protection Impact Assessment

A Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) is an exercise designed to help organisations be...
11 April 2019

Corporate Governance and Data Protection - Sunday Business Post Report

Post GDPR, is your data protection regime what you need? RSM’s Consulting Partner, Terry McAdam...
19 March 2019

RSM Ireland’s top tips for data protection compliance

  Terry McAdam highlights the key points to be noted by companies which are required to comply...
11 February 2019

Meet RSM's GDPR experts

Meet the GDPR experts from RSM offices across Europe. Get in touch if you have questions for any of...
11 December 2017

GDPR Roadmap to Compliance

  RSM uses this process to help organisations achieve GDPR compliance. We have explained each...
11 December 2017

RSM client case studies

RSM globally have been working with clients acorss a range of sectors to prepare them for GDPR...
2 November 2017