Our clients face relentless challenges. Market dynamics, regulatory change, customer demands – all are in a state of constant evolution. How do successful businesses stay ahead? They ensure they are operating at the maximum – investing in process enhancement and technology to help their people deliver time after time.

Technology procurement

Whether you are looking to for a finance system, HR or a bespoke solution, RSM’s technology team of specialists can help you throughout the entire technology procurement process. Our team will:

- assess current needs and prepare a Statement of Requirements (SoR)
- prepare and draft tender documentation
- liaise with vendors and manage communication
- manage vendor scoring, shortlisting and demos
- handle commercial negotiations
- provide project support throughout system implementation

At RSM, we collaborate with businesses across industries, so we understand the issues and challenges you face every day. We identify risks and opportunities for improvement, while keeping your priorities top of mind. From consulting and strategy, to customization and optimization, RSM’s technology procurement services are built to contribute to your overall success – and to simply get the job done.

Data analytics

As the world becomes increasingly digitalised, businesses are being given access to a wealth of data which was not previously available to them. Leveraging this data has become a ‘must have’ capability as organisations look to harness the power of new, innovative tools, in order to make informed decisions and gain that all important competitive edge. Through the use of advanced data analytical tools, businesses can convert mass raw data into useful, long-term insights.

RSM’s data analytics consulting service helps clients to leverage their data by turning it into an organisational asset. Our team of experts facilitate this by analysing, connecting and consolidating client data, using a variety of different tools, to create a single source of truth that can be trusted throughout an organisation. In turn, this enables clients to drive actionable insights and make effective business decisions based on credible and robust data. 

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