Technology strategy

RSM’s technology specialists can help your organisation leverage the latest developments in technology while also managing its traditional back-office role effectively.

The pace of technological change is constantly increasing. Technologies such as cloud computing, social, mobile and data analytics are bringing traditional corporate IT out of the back office. More than ever, businesses need to think carefully about how they can use technology to drive growth and support their operations.

Yet SMEs and mid-market organisations need to consider these new developments in technology alongside more traditional IT challenges: how to secure your data, how to ensure system stability and how to manage technology suppliers. An effective technology strategy balances investment with risk management, showing clearly how technology can drive business growth while ensuring ‘the lights are kept on’.

RSM’s approach to technology strategy is practical and hands-on. We work quickly with our clients to:

  • review the strengths and weaknesses of their technology environments (infrastructure, systems, staffing, governance, suppliers);
  • define the technology principles on which the future strategy will be based, linked to the wider corporate growth plan; and
  • propose practical actions to improve the way technology supports the business, typically divided into short-term recommendations to fix existing pain points, together with technology investment options to create longer-term value for the organisation.