RSM Kenya

Nihla has over 16 years of experience in audit and assurance services having handled clients in various sectors including banking & insurance, manufacturing, agriculture, tourism and hospitality, telecommunication, real estate, and trading. In addition Nihla has also handled various risk advisory engagements, financial and tax due diligences and assisting clients with payroll and accounting outsourcing services.

She is a member of ACCA, ICPAK and NBAA. She also holds Bachelor’s in Business Administration from the International Islamic University, Malaysia.

Prior to joining RSM, she worked with PricewaterhouseCoopers in Kenya and Tanzania rising from an audit associate to a manager. In addition to managing an audit portfolio of various clients, Nihla was in charge of the Learning and Education department at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Nihla is the Head of IFRS representing the firm on RSM’s IFRS Champion group and also the the Partner in charge of Training.

In her spare time, Nihla enjoys reading, swimming and travelling.


RSM IFRS Update and IFRS 16 Training presentation slides

4 December 2019
RSM IFRS Update and IFRS 16 Training presentation slides contains slides of the presentation held in December 2019. The new Standard eliminates a lessee’s classification of leases as either operating leases or finance leases. Instead, almost all leases are ‘capitalised’ by recognising a lease liability and right-of-use asset on the balance sh...


25 July 2019
IFRS 16 – LEASES INTRODUCTION International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) 16, Leases, came into effect for periods commencing on or after 1st January 2019 with the main objective being that lease contracts should be recorded in the balance sheet of the lessees (no operating leases). Significant changes are therefore e...

RSM Specimen IFRS Financial Statements 2018

6 February 2019
These specimen IFRS financial statements are prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards and are for illustrative purposes. RSM Specimen Generic IFRS Financial Statements 2018 - Kenya Ltd Download here RSM Specimen SME Financial Statements 2018 - Kenya SME Ltd  Download here RSM Global's IFRS Illust...

The Big IFRS changes

5 February 2019
IFRS CHANGES  IASB has in the past few years released 4 new standards. These standards do not just bring about minor amendments as is the case with other new or revised standards, but each of these incorporate fundamental changes that will impact financial reporting for organisations that report under full IFRS. The application of new stand...