13 May 2022

Benefits of Internal Audits

Why we carry out Internal Audits
26 April 2022

Striking the tax balance in the 2022/2023 Financial year

Over the recent years, political environments especially during election years have proven to contribute immensely on tax policy volatility. During such times, most political incumbents use the economic policy instruments (fiscal and/or monetary...
19 April 2022

The introduction of a Crypto-Asset Reporting Framework and the proposed amendments to the Common Reporting Standard by the OECD

In the recent past, financial markets have seen the adoption of new technologies and products that have changed investment and payment practices. One of the most recent developments is cryptography, which has led to the creation of Crypto-Assets, an...
7 April 2022

RSM Kenya Budget 2022/23 Newsletter

The 2022/23 Kenya Budget was presented to the Parliament on 7th April 2022.   Find below the link to download the RSM Kenya Budget 2022/23 Newsletter Download Here: RSM Kenya Budget 2022/23 Newsletter
7 March 2022

Upcoming Enforcement of the Tax Invoice Management System (“TIMS”)

Background In a bid to seal leakages in tax collection, the Cabinet Secretary for National Treasury and Planning issued Legal Notice No. 189 dated 25th September 2020 on Regulations of electronic tax registers.
4 March 2022

Documenting a Transfer Pricing Policy that Withstands the Test of Time – Series I: Intragroup Services

Revenue authorities in East Africa are increasingly focusing on receipt of intercompany services by taxpayers from their related parties. From a transfer pricing (TP) perspective, the amount paid by the local taxpayer for intercompany services...
24 February 2022

Invalidation of the Value Added Tax Regulations, 2017 by the High court

The High Court of Kenya recently delivered its; Judgement that has now given clarity on the considerations of an export of service through the determination of the Tax Appeal No E84 of 2020: Commissioner of Domestic Taxes v W. E. C. Lines (K)...
10 February 2022

Year-end closure procedures for accountants

January is one of the busiest months for accountants as Companies aim to close out the previous financial period. There are various year end procedures necessary to be carried out before preparing the Financial Statements. The goal of this is to...
7 February 2022


Analysis of changes in tax and other provisions
10 January 2022

The Impact of the Central Bank of Kenya (Amendment) Act, 2021 Ratification to the Digital Credit Lenders

On 7th December 2021, H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta ratified various Bills and among them was the the Central Bank of Kenya (Amendment) Bill, 2021, now the Central Bank of Kenya (Amendment) Act, 2021 (CBK Act, 2021). The impact of the enactment of...