Tax Health Checks

Kenya has a dynamic tax system with various tax changes being implemented throughout the year. We at RSM strive our best to inform our clients on all changes to the law in real time through a series of thought leadership articles, news alerts and informative webinars and seminars. 

We can assist in carrying out prudential reviews or “health checks” on various tax areas to identify any areas of risks of non-compliance with new developments in tax laws. As your compliance partners, we can assist in reviewing your tax declarations to verify your compliance status, and advise you of any exposures, giving guidance on how to mitigate the same going forward.

Tax Due Diligence

When you are entering into a deal to acquire a potential entity, you are not only purchasing the entity’s assets, but also its liabilities, whether known or unknown. It is therefore prudent to conduct a tax due diligence on the target to make sure that you know whether the entity is actually tax compliant or not and if not, what the potential exposures could be. 

We can be your partner to ensure that when you get into a deal, you know any potential tax liabilities that you may be inheriting to ensure the transaction is negotiated in the most efficient way.

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