Managing Revenue Authority Audits 

From time to time, the Kenya Revenue Authority may seek to establish your levels of compliance with the local tax laws, and subject you to an audit. This may be overwhelming for you, and our tax specialists can assist you in managing the revenue authority audit, and act as your liaison with the Kenya Revenue Authority. 

Our team will assist you in preparing and reviewing any information that the revenue authority may request, in an effort to bring the matter to an amicable close. We will also advise you on any taxes that may be payable and engage the revenue authority in negotiations. 


Tax Dispute Resolutions

There may be times when you may not be able to resolve issues with the Kenya Revenue Authority, leading to a tax assessment raised, or a refund application rejected. Where you disagree with the revenue authority we can negotiate with the revenue authority and assist you in preparation of an objection to an unfavourable tax assessment or preparation of an appeal at the Tribunal level. 

We also offer back-end support such as review of pleadings, reconciliations and supporting you through any alternative dispute resolution discussions. 


Tax Exemptions

Our team of tax experts can assist you in making an application to the Kenya Revenue Authority for an income tax exemption based on your eligibility. Our team will provide you with the guidance and support in making the application and reviewing the supporting information and being the liaising with the revenue authority upon submission of your application.

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