Internal audit and controls 

An effective internal audit gives you the visibility you need to identify and mitigate your major strategic, financial and operational risks. We can help you understand those risks and take action to protect your organisation against them. With recent global issues, and the challenges they have brought across all sectors, the pace of technological change, regulatory developments and evolutions in working styles – this is more important than ever.

An effective internal audit and risk management engagement can open new opportunities and support growth.

Whether it is a regulatory requirement or not, all organisations should place internal audit at the core of governance and control frameworks. It gives the board and senior management the confidence that the business is operating in an informed and viable way. With greater visibility, we can also give you expert advice on controls.

Our internal audit team will always champion a bespoke and tailored approach to internal audit, as we see it as a partnership arrangement that we perform with our clients, rather than for them. Our specialists have extensive experience in recognising the nuances across and between sectors, organisation structures, sizes, risk appetites and various regulatory landscapes.


Risk assessment 

Effective risk management is the bedrock of all successful organisations. If this goes wrong, the ramifications can be deeply damaging; from financial loss to harm to individuals to reputational damage. Where organisations get it right, however, they can become more efficient and more effective at delivering what their customers want. The reality is that few organisations take stock and ensure their risk management arrangements are as effective as they should or could be. In many cases, change is prompted by regulators or when the cracks are starting to show, but by then it is often too late.

Our enterprise risk consulting team is here to create a robust framework to manage your risk exposures effectively. We maximise the value of your risk management programme through refining, designing and implementing practical and proportionate solutions. Taking a holistic approach enables us to create a watertight programme.

Our experts in this area work with businesses across all sectors and have a breadth of knowledge and experience. We will work closely with you to understand the risks you face and create a management solution that minimises exposure in the most effective and efficient way for your business.


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