Here at RSM Kenya, we boast extensive expertise in risk advisory – a service which can prove vital for any organization. We place our experts within your business to help protect you and prevent any issues before they arise. Having our risk advisory specialists supporting your enterprise will ensure you receive the necessary solutions to increase the confidence of your stakeholders

Our risk advisory services are based on a comprehensive understanding of your business and how it functions. Our team learns all about your operations from the top down to gain a greater knowledge of the threats that you may face. Armed with this information, our experts can begin to tailor our offering accordingly to ensure the support we provide aids your success.  

Our risk advisory specialists are proactive, not reactive. We identify the risks before they occur so your business is prepared for the worst-case scenario. Our support will be ongoing as we provide guidance on your systems and processes as they evolve, which means you can rely on us every step of the way.  

Why choose RSM Kenya? 

Effective risk advisory and risk management, associated controls are critical to business performance and the achievement of organisational objectives. Businesses continue to face economic turbulence, pressure to comply with ever-increasing regulation and legislation and emerging risks like cyber security and information governance. 

We work with you to provide assurance and advice to help you manage and mitigate your risks, so that you can move forward with confidence.

Our team offers robust, reliable assurance and advisory services spanning internal audit, ESG, risk assessment,  IT audit and compliance and Forensic audit ,so your business can improve and flourish.

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