Tax Advisory & Private Rulings

We understand that from time to time, you may wish to undertake or enter into particular transactions, but do not understand the full tax implications of the transaction from a Kenyan tax perspective. 

Through understanding your business, our team of experts will help you navigate- through the intricacies of the transaction offering you opportunities for tax saving where possible and highlighting any areas of risk or exposure including the comprehensive Kenyan tax implications.

Should you wish to obtain the Kenya Revenue Authority’s understanding on the tax implications of a particular transaction, we can assist you in obtaining a private ruling from the Kenya Revenue Authority, who would provide their interpretation of various domestic tax laws where there is no clarity in the law. 


Corporate Restructuring

Restructuring, acquisition, financing and reorganisation are some of the key business events which require expert advisory services which our team of professionals can assist with. Tax planning becomes an integral part of strategic business solutions. . Reorganisation of business operations can enhance tax benefits. We can advise you on the local and international tax implications of your restructuring, to minimise risks of additional taxes, penalties and interest. 

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