Outsourcing Accounting Services

Overcome your organization’s daily administrative and secretarial challenges with RSM Kenya’s highly effective outsourcing services. Extending to bookkeeping and accounting, our offering can streamline your basic business tasks, allowing you more time to focus on innovation and growth.  

In business, it can feel like there is never enough time in the day, so it is important that you utilize your resources wisely. We can provide you with the outsourcing solutions to help you with that.  

By enlisting our business outsourcing services, you will be able to tap into our global network of over 860 offices around the world. Our outsourcing professionals are trained to support your business wherever required and that worldwide presence makes RSM Kenya a huge asset for you.  

Why choose RSM Kenya for outsourcing solutions? 

When you partner with our outsourcing accounting specialists, they will provide a service like no other. They will build a comprehensive knowledge of all your systems, so we can be relied upon to support your business and enable its continuing growth.  

Our experts approach every client with the care and attention they deserve, creating bespoke outsourcing solutions following extensive research into your operations. This is so we possess full knowledge of how we can support your business going forward. From here, we will work together to ensure the plans we put in place will drive further success. 

Our outsourcing services  

Our services operate as an extension to your business. We’ll provide unwavering support across your entire accounting, financial, and administrative responsibilities – all performed by our ever-reliable outsourcing professionals. We’ll always abide by the International Financial Reporting Standards, using the latest technology for a pioneering and industry-leading service.  

Our services include:  

  • Professional accounting services  
  • Financial accounting outsourcing  
  • Taxation accounting outsourcing  
  • ​Business outsourcing support  

Outsourcing professionals you can rely on 

RSM Kenya’s outsourcing accounting services offer your business an opportunity like no other. With a team of reliable experts in this field, you’ll receive the outsourcing solutions that will free up more time for you to focus on driving growth.  

If our services seem like the right fit for your accounting, financial and administrative functions then contact us today or make an appointment at one of our offices and a member of our team will be on hand to support you.

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