Risk Advisory Services

Here at RSM Kenya, we boast extensive expertise in risk advisory – a service which can prove vital for any organization. We place our experts within your business to help protect you and prevent any issues before they arise. Having our risk advisory specialists supporting your enterprise will ensure you receive the necessary solutions to increase the confidence of your stakeholders.  

Our risk advisory services are based on a comprehensive understanding of your business and how it functions. Our team learns all about your operations from the top down to gain a greater knowledge of the threats that you may face. Armed with this information, our experts can begin to tailor our offering accordingly to ensure the support we provide aids your success.   

Our risk advisory specialists are proactive, not reactive. We identify the risks before they occur so your business is prepared for the worst-case scenario. Our support will be ongoing as we provide guidance on your systems and processes as they evolve, which means you can rely on us every step of the way.  

Why choose RSM Kenya? 

When you work with us, you’ll gain access to the entire RSM global network, which spans over 860 offices across 200 different jurisdictions around the world. This means that we have risk management specialists who can advise on cross-border considerations, if required.  

Our services go above and beyond to create bespoke risk management solutions for your organization’s individual needs, helping to drive success in all your operations.  

Our risk advisory services  

We understand that not all threats are the same for every business. That is why we pride ourselves on covering several vital areas of risk advisory to ensure we can provide the essential support your organization may need. These include:  

Risk management services 

Our specialists face your threats head-on and in many cases identify them before they crop up; providing you with risk management solutions that are efficient and effective. 

Whilst our services do help mitigate any risks to your business, we also offer risk-taking advice as you aim to achieve exceptional performance and growth.  

Internal auditing services 

At RSM Kenya, we work closely with you and your board to protect your shareholder’s best interests. One of the ways we do this is by offering internal auditing services that deliver unrivaled effectiveness, quality, and value.  

We have a comprehensive knowledge of various industry sectors, which means our internal auditing services can improve your business and its performance.   

HR management services  

We provide human resource (HR) management support for businesses too, with these being a key area of potential risk. Allow our strategic management services to access your HR threats and put plans in place to avoid any future mishaps.  

Risk-orientated internal control support 

With this support, we will be able to see if your organization's operations are effective. This allows us to identify the risk(s) and provide business planning support going forward to ensure no future issues occur.  

Get in touch to utilize our risk advisory services 

Leave your business in safe hands with our reliable and well-informed risk management specialists.  

If you believe risk advisory may help your organization now or in the future, get in touch with a member of our team or arrange a visit to one of our offices to find out more.  

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