Abdullah Wiqar

Abdullah started at RSM Avais Hyder Liaquat Nauman, Chartered Accountants in 2008 as a Consulting Associate and progressed to become an Executive Director in the Risk Assurance Services team in 2020 after advancing within the firm.

As an Executive Director of Risk Assurance Services (RAS) at RSM Pakistan, his responsibilities include providing internal audit services, ensuring that clients' internal control systems are effective and efficient; offering risk advisory services, identifying, assessing, and mitigating various risks; delivering financial advisory services, helping clients make informed financial decisions; and developing and implementing internal control frameworks that align with clients' business objectives and risk appetite.

Furthermore, he manages the business development for the Lahore office, identifying new business opportunities, building relationships with potential clients, and promoting the firm's services. Abdullah develops and implement business development strategies, manage the sales pipeline, and negotiate contracts with new clients, ensuring the firm's growth and success in the region.

One of the things that he finds especially rewarding is the ability to add value that makes a tangible difference. He takes pride in his work and ensures that his clients receive the best possible service.

However, the constantly changing landscape of the sector that he operates in i.e. the government sector, can be demanding, and therefore he must stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in order to provide the clients with the best possible advice. Despite these challenges, He is committed to his role and he will continue to thrive in this dynamic and exciting environment.

Abdullah dedicates his time to charitable activities, specifically with Fikr-e-Khalq Trust, where he is involved in raising funds, assisting with internal controls, and supporting various ventures aimed at helping people start businesses and achieve financial independence. Additionally, he also provides consultancy to a local school, contributing to the development and growth of educational initiatives in his community. He is inclined towards contributing to society, supporting entrepreneurship, and enhancing educational opportunities for others.


Career Timeline:

RSM Avais Hyder Liaquat Nauman, Chartered Accountants

  • 2020 – present Executive Director – Risk Assurance Services    
  • 2018 - Director – Risk Assurance Services    
  • 2014 - Senior Manager – Risk Assurance Services        
  • 2012 - Manager – Risk Assurance Services        
  • 2009 - Deputy Manager  
  • 2008 - Consulting Associate

Professional certification :

  • CGA - Certified General Accountants of Canada
  • CPA - Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada
  • ACA - Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales (ICAEW)
  • ACCA - Association of Chartered Certified Accountants


  • Bachelors in economics – 2008 – Carleton University (Ottawa, ON, Canada)