Part of the RSM global network’s renowned tax offering, RSM Pakistan’s tax auditing services assure corporate stakeholders and private individuals that their tax accounts are being efficiently and responsibly maintained in line with state regulatory requirements.          

A tax audit is an examination into the background of tax related transactions to confirm that they are correctly calculated, paid and recorded. In today's dynamic regulatory environment, both business and individuals must conform with numerous taxation laws and so it can be difficult to keep up to date.

But while the tax system in Pakistan operates on a self-assessment basis, various tax auditing checks and penalties remain in place. Our thorough tax audit services ensure compliance in order to minimize tax risk exposure for our clients.

The primary purpose of our tax audit solutions is to make certain that books of accounts have been maintained in agreement with the provisions of the Government of Pakistan’s Federal Board of Revenue Income Tax Ordinance 2001. Aspects and benefits of our services include:

  • Tax compliance audit to curb tax evasion and ensures tax compliance
  • Tax planning audit to improve tax efficiency responsibly
  • Tax risk audit to manage risk and enhance the confidence of individuals or key company stakeholders

Why partner with RSM Pakistan for your tax auditing requirements?

RSM Pakistan’s position within the RSM global network is an advantageous one. As one of over 120 RSM firms around the world, our local tax audit specialists are able to stay attuned to the domestic tax environment while taking influence from the RSM Tax Centre of Excellence.

This global task force brings together leading RSM tax partners from different jurisdictions to share ideas and innovations for tax auditing systems and processes. The insights our partners gain from this access underpin our tax audit services in Pakistan, ensuring our approach is at the forefront of our industry while remaining tailored to your needs.

How can we help you?

Get in touch with the expert team at RSM Pakistan on +92 (42) 3587 2731/2/3, email us or fill in our contact form.