Human resource development (HRD) is a framework for helping employees develop their skills – both personal and organizational. For organizations, it is also an effective method of building the knowledge and abilities of your valued workforce. But it must be implemented properly to ensure it has the desired effect. And this is where our human resource (HR) consulting team can help.

RSM Pakistan’s human resource support services are designed to help organizations in all sectors to harness the potential of their workforce. It can bring business benefits in terms of productivity and output. But it can also build trust and loyalty between you and your employees too. With the support of our dedicated human resource consultants, we can help you achieve all these goals.

Using our depth of consulting experience across numerous sectors, RSM Pakistan recognized the growing need to support organizations with their HR operations. In addition to the processes and functions of a business, success is also guided by the skills and happiness of its people. With our expert HR services, we can ensure your HR operations are driving your organization forward.

The scope of human resources is a broad one. As such, we must ensure that our team of human resources consultants covers all elements within this segment. From employee engagement and benefits to compensation and talent mobility – our HR consulting specialists can apply their wide range of skills and knowledge to the benefit of your organization.  

HRD brings together a diverse range of opportunities that can deliver significant benefits for your organization. This can include employee training, career development, performance management and development, coaching, mentoring, and succession planning. It could also comprise your key employee identification, tuition assistance, and organization development needs.

By enlisting the services of our specialist human resource services, we ask questions such as:

  • What do your HR and training functions look like?
  • Are human resources and training aligned with your organization’s strategies?
  • Does your leadership team value the human resource and training functions? 

With the answers we take from such questions, our HR consulting experts offer an independent and in-depth assessment of your requirements. From the implementation of new policies to the resolution of specific issues within your HR function, our human resource support services have the potential to shape positive organizational change that benefits you and your workforce.

HR is a critical function of any organization. As such, our human resource consulting capabilities are designed to fulfil every consideration. Our services include:

  • Executive selection – search and recruitment on behalf of the client
  • Designing and implementing a performance management system
  • Assistance in preparing job descriptions for key positions
  • Assistance in evaluating roles to determine job classes
  • Preparing revised organograms to depict job levels and organization structure
  • Determination of reward systems, salary increments and promotions
  • Employee compensation/satisfaction surveys – including result analysis, feedback on findings, recommendations, and supporting their implementation with support from the board of directors and in collaboration with department heads/line managers
  • Identifying the training needs of executives and recommending in-house or formal training
  • Preparation and installation of service rules/SOPs
  • Designing job application forms for executives

How can we help you?

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