In a situation where you are considering the acquisition or merging of a business, it is essential to be aware of the full facts relating to a target entity. While such transactions can deliver huge business advantages and growth potential, there can be associated risks and threats too. If this applies to you, our comprehensive tax due diligence services can provide valuable clarity.

With our team of tax due diligence specialists, we can ensure that buyers – and vendors – know all the tax implications and exposures involved. Our tax due diligence support can provide major benefits to domestic transactions. But it can also be particularly valuable in cross-border deals if the parties must contend with different and unfamiliar tax systems or regulatory requirements.

Why do you need our tax due diligence services?

The team of tax due diligent specialists at RSM Pakistan offer significant value to clients on both sides of a transaction. With our extensive knowledge of local and international tax requirements, we perform an in-depth and impartial assessment of transactions in a tax-based framework. The aim of this is to make sure buyers or sellers are making fully informed decisions at every stage.

For buyers, our tax due diligence reports contain detailed information relating to all aspects of a target business. This can extend to unknown liabilities, historic risks, and potential opportunities yet to be utilized. With this information, you can gain a much deeper understanding of how such risks or opportunities could affect the future goals of the transaction and business performance.

For sellers, it can prove just as advantageous to retain our services. Using our tax due diligence checklist, our specialists analyze your current situation before and during the sale process. This can be especially beneficial in the pre-sale process. From ensuring tax compliance to mitigating risk, our preparatory tax due diligence support can expedite other parts of the sale process.

What do our tax due diligence services include?

As part of our comprehensive tax due diligence checklist, RSM Pakistan’s team of specialists will review and evaluate aspects such as:

  • The historic tax profile, planning, tax examination, acquisition/disposition, and filing history of a target business in order to assess potential risks and opportunities
  • Significant tax attributes, credits, and incentives
  • Executive compensation matters
  • Purchase agreement and disclosure schedules – with comments where appropriate
  • Potential acquisition structures

How can we help you?

Get in touch with the expert team at RSM Pakistan on +92 (42) 3587 2731/2/3, email us or fill in our contact form.