RSM Pakistan’s expert auditing team are on hand conduct a forensic audit at the explicit invitation of your organization. Our comprehensive forensic audit services serve to increase your overall efficiency and identify, mitigate, or investigate fraud or the misappropriation of resources. 

In today’s ever-evolving business environment, this forensic audit support has never been more beneficial. Technological advancements, globalization, and other innovations create opportunities and risks simultaneously. Organized crime, international disputes and legislation, data security, and intellectual property theft are just some of the threats an audit can uncover and protect against.     

Our firm and its partners have a rich experience of conducting forensic audit investigations. We’ve been engaged by the Security and Exchange Commission of the Government of Pakistan as well as the High Courts on numerous instances to carry out financial forensic investigations on their behalf. One major forensic audit example that our firm carried out was the forensic audit of the Pakistan Steel Mill (PSM), with our findings helping to uncover the truth behind a landmark corruption case.  

On top of our domestic experience, RSM Pakistan is uniquely positioned within RSM’s global network of auditing professionals. With over 120 firms worldwide, our professionals combine accounting and investigative expertise with technology and collaboration to share insights and reduce risk for our clients.  

Our forensic audit services and expertise

Our high-quality forensic audit consulting capabilities allow our clients to monitor and respond to potentially damaging situations quickly and comprehensively, minimizing their operational, financial, and reputational effects.

Key areas of expertise our forensic audit specialists can provide include:

  • Fraud and misconduct risk management and investigation
  • Commercial disputes
  • Funds and asset tracing, both domestic and international
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Intellectual property and contracts
  • Business intelligence
  • Forensic technology, including recovery and analysis of large quantities of data

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Misconduct from employees, stakeholders or external partners is often unexpected. Yet when corrupt behavior is left unchecked, its effects can be severely damaging for any organization in a number of ways. Our forensic audit professionals combine extensive accounting and investigative knowledge to assist businesses of all sizes and profiles and protect against corruption.

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