RSM Pakistan’s tax advisory services are delivered as part of RSM’s global network of experts who can advise your organization on international tax matters.

Technological advances have made it easier for businesses to expand and operate in international markets – but cross-border transactions present unique challenges from a tax perspective.

Internationally active businesses find that compliance with the ever-increasing complexity of tax rules around the world requires efficient collaboration between tax advisory professionals in different jurisdictions, as well as in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of local regulations.

Whether proactively or reactively, many organizations will review their internal processes to build more efficient and compliant international tax planning strategies in the face of these ongoing challenges. But many also miss the insights offered by external experts.

As part of RSM’s global network, RSM Pakistan is perfectly positioned to provide comprehensive and connected tax advisory services. The RSM International Tax Centre of Excellence brings together leading RSM tax partners from our firms around the world. These partners are committed to ensuring that the systems and processes behind RSM’s international tax planning services meet the needs of our member firms' cross-border clients.

Embracing the RSM Centre of Excellence approach, our tax planning specialists work with our colleagues around the world to provide pragmatic solutions tailored to your unique business requirements. We provide direct access to senior tax advisory professionals and deliver joined-up solutions through international service teams.

Our international tax advisory solutions

Our tax planning services are broad and can help to highlight the short and long-term effects of tax planning decisions at a global level. This includes considerations when entering new markets, as well as updates and trends in already established jurisdictions.   

  • Key elements your organization can benefit from include:
  • Tax structuring of outbound and inbound investments
  • Transfer pricing
  • International tax planning: dividend repatriation, financing, and currency matters
  • Indirect taxes
  • Customs and trade

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Entering the global market drives growth. As a leading international tax planning network with over 120 firms around the world, you can trust us to create and deliver tax-efficient and compliant solutions for your expanding business. Our experts can ease or optimize your taxation challenges, whatever the profile or projected path of your organization.

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