Family owned businesses not only form the majority of businesses in the region, these unique entities consist of 60% of the world’s business. As any other business, these face the same challenges that all enterprises endure through but with additional challenges of governance structure, succession planning and growth in the families as they prosper.

At RSM Pakistan our Wealth Management Team (WMT) come with extensive experience in working with family businesses. We understand the level of importance a business legacy has for a family and that is why we initiate the exercise by establishing a very personal connection and developing an understanding of the goals and journey so far. After the initial assessment of the business processes, the structure and the need analysis we construct our solutions exclusive to your needs with dedication to business growth and sustainability while also respecting the delicate matters of family values.

We understand that any family business would be serving at least three subsystems; the family, the business and the ownership, although these may be independent areas but their cooperation and collaboration is key to every family business’s success. Our decades of experience in solution engineering and of listening to our clients has taught us to have a multidisciplinary approach allowing us to formulate a well detailed Family Business Constitution, dealing with all operations and complications ranging from timely and accurate preparation of financial statements to will structuring/updating.

Our clients, after collaborating with our dedicated teams, have reported improved business performance, reduction in family disputes and peace of mind over long term sustainability of their family legacy. Contact us today and let us help you attain significant improvement and efficiency in business expansion and growth while providing financial stability for all members of your family.

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