RSM Pakistan’s cost audit services provide our clients with confidence that their cost accounts are verified and in adherence with the principles and objectives set out by a defined cost accounting plan. As part of the global RSM network of auditing professionals, you can rely on our team’s expertise to identify errors in records and spot opportunities to increase cost efficiency.  

Sometimes known as account auditing, cost audits involve verifying the accuracy of cost reports, statements, data, and cost accounting techniques. But there are several additional advantages to enlisting our cost audit consultancy.

Utilizing numerous account management methods, our cost audit support can drive positive results including reduced cost of production, enhanced competitive advantage, and profit growth. At a macro level, cost auditing increases tax collection, reduces inflation, and boosts dividend, investment, and economic development.

Without a thorough cost audit, areas of weaknesses can go left unchecked. Hidden losses and unaccounted inefficiencies will eventually have negative effects on the financial health of a business. Cost audits therefore also aid in identifying early warning signs and implementing corrective actions.

At RSM Pakistan, we have a vast amount of experience in carrying out both public and private sector cost audits. Some of our major clients include Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited and the Pakistan Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority.  

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Whatever the industry or profile of your business, our thorough cost audit services can ensure your cost accounts are being maintained correctly and in line with your cost accounting plan. Our team in Pakistan is available to consult locally, while benefitting from the techniques, resources, and insights shared by RSM’s global network of professionals.     

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