For more than 40 years, RSM Pakistan has been at the forefront of corporate secretarial services. Our professionals offer an in-depth understanding and complete grasp of the corporate affairs of our clients. As such, our team of corporate secretarial specialists are expertly positioned to assist them in every way possible – handling their affairs in an efficient and effective manner.

In Pakistan, each business must ensure it fully meets its legal and financial obligations. But when you are concentrating on essential business operations, it is not unusual to lose sight of all these requirements – particularly those which are subject to change. To ensure ongoing compliance for both domestic and foreign businesses, our corporate secretarial services are ready to help.

What are corporate secretarial services?

From inception to complex transactional support, corporate secretarial services can support you at all stages of the business lifecycle. With the many and multiple regulatory demands, the RSM Pakistan team offer a depth of expertise that can minimize the risk of compliance failure. With it, we can free you from the burden of complexity – and strengthen your platform for growth.

Our services are comprehensive. As a leading corporate secretarial services firm, we understand the full range of challenges and obligations you face. No matter whether you need advice on the creation of a new corporate structure or the maintenance of statutory records, you can trust our corporate secretarial specialists to take a holistic approach with your desired outcomes in mind.

How can our corporate secretarial specialists help your business?

There are several notable benefits to choosing our corporate secretarial services team. Our deep industry insight and substantial knowledge of the regulatory landscape is at your disposal. It can be utilized by domestic or multi-national organizations to save time and make better use of your resources. In turn, this empowers your business to focus more on its core functions.

A close and long-standing relationship with major financial institutions and regulatory authorities enables us to be absolutely thorough in our secretarial service delivery. It puts us in the position of knowing exactly what is required of your organization. In addition, it means we can implement the most effective method of achieving compliance – both now and on into the future.

What do our company secretarial services include?

Our tailored corporate secretarial services include full compliance with governance requirements – as well as related filings with the companies’ registrar at the Security & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). In this context, our experts can ensure their statutory books are maintained and SECP queries are responded to and settled.

Other corporate secretarial support services can include:

  • Resolutions for appointments/resignations of board members and officers
  • Preparing minutes for general and extraordinary meetings of shareholders
  • Support with the incorporation of new companies
  • Ensuring full compliance with rules relating to inbound foreign investment

How can we help you?

Get in touch with the expert team at RSM Pakistan on +92 (42) 3587 2731/2/3, email us or fill in our contact form.