Income tax
Companies registered in Pakistan need to submit an annual tax return to the Federal Tax Authority. This specifies income, expenses, and other financial information relevant to tax purposes such as capital gains and deductions. As tax laws and regulations in Pakistan are complex, our team of income tax advisory/compliance/litigation specialists can help you navigate the details so that you can remain compliant.

Tax on capital gains and stamp duties
Navigating the complexities of tax on capital gains and stamp duties can be challenging. To help you make accurate calculations, our experts can provide you with up-to-date details and assist with all your tax-planning requirements.

International tax planning and restructuring
For those thinking of moving their business to Pakistan, the local tax environment offers competitive rates and incentives for foreign investment but also poses challenges due to complex regulations and potential compliance risks. Our team can help you build a smooth and efficient tax structure and provide dedicated tax solutions as you build your business here.

Corporate services and company formation
In Pakistan, the law has provisions for limited liability companies, commercial partnerships, branches of foreign companies, and trusts and foundations. Our team at RSM has over 45+ years of experience in providing tax services for these types of businesses and can advise on all aspects of taxation.

Estate planning and trusts
If you need assistance with estate planning or trusts, the RSM Pakistan team of tax advisory specialists are available here to support you.  

Indirect tax planning
We can assist with indirect tax registrations with federal and provincial authorities, along with sales tax returns/sales tax on services returns and other declarations.

Personal tax
As well as corporate tax, our experts are well-versed in advising on personal tax planning. Our clients include entrepreneurs, Company directors, and expatriates.

We will discuss how personal tax works in Pakistan and provide advice and assistance to ensure your tax returns are accurate and detailed. We will also handle tax notices, tax audits, monitoring of withholding taxes, appeals, and rectifications of orders, negotiating with the Federal Board of Revenue on your behalf.

Get in touch with the expert team at RSM Pakistan on +92 (42) 3587 2731/2/3, email us or fill in our contact form.