In business, there are occasions when companies look to purchase or acquire another. There are numerous reasons for doing so. It could be to enhance market share, expand into new territories or increase an existing product portfolio. No matter the motivation, however, the success of such a transaction can rest on the strength of the financial due diligence undertaken in advance.

From the initial analysis of the asset to unrecorded liabilities, it’s vital to take an all-inclusive and holistic approach if and when an opportunity presents itself. In such situations, RSM Pakistan has the skills and expertise to carry out a comprehensive financial due diligence process. With it, you can be sure to get all the detailed information you need to ensure your acquisition is a success.

Who can our financial due diligence team help?

Our highly skilled financial due diligence team can support buyers, investors, private equity firms and others. With our extensive depth of knowledge and expertise, we develop and evolve the full financial due diligence process in order to meet your exact business needs. It delivers clarity and certainty in a purchase situation – managing the risk, while uncovering opportunities.

No matter if the stress is on financial, operational, or other concerns, our objective is to augment and underpin your understanding of the target business. Our robust analysis of the financial risks and asset itself provide you with a thorough and independent assessment of the opportunity. For anyone in such a situation, this information can ultimately ensure you achieve your core goals.

It isn’t just buyers or investors that RSM Pakistan can assist. Our financial due diligence services are also available to vendors. In this context, our team can bring much-needed control to timing and method of the sale. We can also ensure critical business continuity during the sale process – minimizing the chances of disruption and mitigating threats that could affect the eventual price.

What do our financial due diligence services include?

Our full suite of services ensure that all elements of any financial due diligence checklist are met to the highest standards of accuracy and clarity. These services include:

  • A review of existing accounting practices for compliance
  • A thorough operational and fiscal analysis of the business
  • An in-depth market analysis to provide essential context
  • Uncovering any unrecorded liabilities or other concerns

How can we help you?

Get in touch with the expert team at RSM Pakistan on +92 (42) 3587 2731/2/3, email us or fill in our contact form.