The firm has a solid track record and a deeply satisfactory record in corporate matters. The provision of services has been designed to suit the needs of each client both locally and internationally. The advice covers a wide range of corporate matters, including incorporation of companies, statutory reforms, dissolution and liquidation of companies, confidentiality agreements, formalization of corporate contributions, family protocol, corporate due diligence and shareholders' agreements, among others.

The commercial area is quite mature and comprehensive. The advice covers aspects such as: the structuring of legal-commercial vehicles for the materialization of business projects, drafting, negotiation and termination of commercial contracts of all kinds, such as distribution schemes, joint ventures, franchises, multilevel schemes, maquilas, sales and purchases, among others. Likewise, the advice has included due diligence in personal data processing, trademark registration, and business integrations.

  1. Incorporation of companies or branches of foreign companies.

  2. Statutory reforms, such as change of corporate name, modification of the corporate purpose, powers or legal representation system, changes in quorum or majorities for decision making, calls, among others. 

  3. Structuring and implementation of corporate governance and family protocols.

  4. Structuring and execution of mergers and spin-offs.

  5. Accompaniment in meetings of the shareholders' meeting and/or board of directors.

  6. Accompaniment in decision making to shareholders and directors of companies and businesses.

  7. Preparation and/or review of shareholders' agreements.

  8. Elaboration and/or revision of minutes of shareholders' meetings and/or board of directors' meetings.

  9. Registration of shareholders and issuance of securities.

  10. Cosec Services (Corporate Secretary / Basic Legal Compliance).

  11. Processes of capital increases or decreases of companies.

  12. Company liquidations and branch closures.

  13. Corporate Due Diligence. 

  14. Legal advice for the structuring of the defense in events of corporate conflict. 

  15. Judicial and extrajudicial representation of shareholders in situations of corporate conflict.

  16. Accompaniment in the structuring of new businesses. 

  17. Elaboration of transparency and business ethics policies and policies for the administration and management of money laundering risk.

  18. Advice in the process of hiring employees (types of labor contracts, compensation schemes, work regulations, among others).

  19. Handling of expatriates and assistance in the processing of work permits, residency and immigration issues.

  20. Drafting and review of legal documents, such as contracts, confidentiality agreements, memorandum of understanding, service agreements, among others.

  21. Structuring and execution of asset transfer processes, such as real estate, shares, intangible assets, among others. 

  22. Attention to legal consultations in corporate, commercial and labor law.

  23. Registration of distinctive signs (trademarks, commercial names, commercial slogans, among others), patents and new creations. As well as the renewal of registrations.

  24. Copyright registration.

  25. Protection of personal data, including the National Registry of Databases and reports.