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Saul Garzon Rivera
Partner, Tax & Legal
Services: Impuestos, Asesoría Legal

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Human Talent Attraction and Retention

The successful fulfillment of an organization's objectives begins by building solid and effective work teams that contribute to the optimization of the different processes of the companies and that are committed to the achievement of their objectives, that is why we provide support in the implementation of the following processes: 1. Execut...

Executive search

We support companies in the procurement of executives and people who occupy positions of leadership, trust, and management. It focuses on the search for candidates with the best profiles and who can develop their activity in an ideal way. ...

Development of induction and onboarding processes

We will support companies with the immersion and adaptation process of their new collaborators, understanding that everyone needs time to get used to their new environment and challenges. We can develop together with the organization processes tailored to their needs and budgets, which allow employees to have a productive and satisfactory start, fa...

Structuring, profiling, and job descriptions

We will support organizations in the strategic creation of jobs, seeking to generate a coordinated work between people, areas, and objectives, but above all where each employee can manage their work with the greatest possible success. ...

Diagnosis, evaluation, and intervention in the work environment

Work environment is nowadays one of the pillars that support and project successful organizations. Achieving healthy and constructive work environments enhances the development of objectives by maximizing the capabilities, interests, sense of belonging, and motivation of employees. We provide services of evaluation, diagnosis, and intervention of t...

Performance evaluations

Periodic evaluations of the performance of people who are part of a company are increasingly relevant, as they contribute to the alignment of personal, professional, and organizational plans. We have methodologies that guide the potential of the collaborators from the goal measurement of competencies, which will contribute to the growth of the coll...

Potential evaluations

Starting from the performance evaluation or independently, we deepen in the projection and development of specific competencies of employees, seeking the consolidation of specific behaviors and possibilities for advancement, to plan an individual or collective project, defining a path for the development of employees based on aspirations and capabi...

Career plans

We support your organization to establish a value path around the growth of employees and their work purposes. We support you in the construction of strategic career plans that help employees to define an agreed, stable, and meaningful future for both parties. ...

Benefits plan

We provide support based on the approach of different strategies for the structuring of benefits plans for the employees of the organizations. The plans will be projected based on marketing studies of the different sectors of the economy, which will be adapted to the reality and the corporate purpose of each company. A fundamental part of the struc...

On-the-job training and welfare

Welfare programs​: People today work not only for payment, but they also look for an integral meaning of the work they perform, in that sense companies today are committed to offering their collaborators friendly, stable, comfortable workspaces adjusted to the needs of their teams, which favor the development of the strategy and the necessary ...


Is a facilitation process for the development of awareness and learning in people in the medium and long term. It seeks to expand the thinking capacity, focusing on being rather than doing. It is possible to put in place this process, focusing on the corporate, personal, social, and community levels. Incorporate terms work very well for career plan...

Labor Law and Social Security Consulting

We understand the need for companies to follow legal requirements, not only on government entities but also about modernization and the current dynamics of labor relations at the local and international levels. We have an interdisciplinary group that will support the structuring of the legal instruments that the labor context brings with it, suc...

Design and implementation of internal work regulations

We support organizations in the projection of internal work regulations following labor regulations and the development of the company's corporate purpose. This includes the regulation of working hours, the legal management of accidental or temporary workers, the scale of faults and sanctions, and the respective disciplinary procedure, among others...

Elaboration and revision of labor contracts and hiring policies

The good management of labor contractual relations is based on the incorporation of legal instruments to the reality of business, so, we support companies in the design and implementation of the different modalities of labor contracts, per the required hiring policies and adjusted to the ordinary course of business of the clients. ...

Consulting and support in the implementation of Telework

We provide companies with advice on the implementation of telework, framed in the development of the various legal instruments that are part of the implementation of the figure in question. ...

Accompaniment in labor tables (medical-legal)

The purpose of this service is to generate constructive scenarios in which the circumstances surrounding the medical cases within the companies are analyzed, to adjust both the reality of the collaborators and the conditions of each company, finding appropriate ways of resolution for both parties. ...

Consultancy in hiring foreigners in Colombia

The hiring of foreign employees in the country must follow requirements and procedures before the state entities and within the hiring company, so, we advise companies in obtaining the legal documents for employees who plan to settle in Colombia and turn in the development of the legal instruments necessary for this purpose. ...

Accompaniment in negotiations in collective labor conflicts

The goal of the negotiation in collective conflicts is to solve the discrepancies between employer and workers, establishing a collective agreement in which the labor conditions of a group of workers are regulated, therefore we accompany the companies in the negotiations and in the projection of the different legal instruments that lead to solving ...

Advice in situations of workers with reinforced labor stability

We provide comprehensive advice to companies in situations of workers with disabilities or physical or mental limitations under the provisions of Law 361 of 1997. ...

Advice about Associated Worker Cooperatives and Temporary Service Companies

We accompany the companies through a comprehensive consultancy related to hiring, risks, benefits, and other matters inherent to the Associated Worker Cooperatives and Temporary Service Companies about the current regulations and thus avoiding the materialization of any risk. ...

Occupational Health and Safety Management System

We will support the companies in the implementation and maintenance of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System, by the regulations in force related to the protection in health and safety issues of Colombian workers. The accompaniment contemplates the following points: Initial diagnosis. Planning of the advisory to comply wit...

Payroll outsourcing

The main goal of this service is to reduce, drop and ease the complex, operational and administrative burden in the settlement of all payments and compliances that companies must make to their employees while maintaining total confidentiality of the information. The service includes payroll processing, employee benefits administration, and human...

Electronic Payroll

This is a digital document that is equal to the traditional employee payroll and differs in that it is presented in an electronic file that is sent to both the DIAN and the employee. For DIAN purposes, the electronic payroll is a voucher that gives companies the possibility to make payments to their employees and present them as a support of cos...

Loan Staff

We understand that companies have key personnel for the growth of their business and do not have specialized resources in regulatory compliance in the accounting and tax area. In this sense, we support companies by providing trained professionals who can perform these functions under the direct supervision of the client. The service can be provi...


A key challenge for owners, large and small, is how best to keep management's attention and motivation aligned with those of the board and the owners of a company. Share-based payment ("SBP") transactions are excellent tools for rewarding employees in organizations for achieving a specific goal, remaining loyal, and, more broadly, creating share...

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