Our legal and corporate area offers a differential service approach, result-oriented, with criteria of efficiency and utility, understanding that each of our allies, whether they are commercial companies, individuals or families, who seek the support that gives them security and confidence in their businesses and investments.

With a diversified portfolio we offer the expertise, knowledge and quality in the work of our team, which includes professionals with high technical and human quality, which allows us to quickly solve the challenges and challenges that arise in the commercial, corporate and financial contexts in a totally digital environment in which Legaltech is gaining more and more space day after day.

RSM Colombia has a team of lawyers with extensive experience in corporate law issues, who provide comprehensive support to shareholders, managers, suppliers, investors and in general to individuals and their families, in the structuring of legal vehicles to ensure their operations, the incorporation of companies, support in the evolution of the business, including mergers, spin-offs, transformations and liquidations. Systematically, we participate in the resolution of conflicts and litigation of judicial and arbitration nature before judges of various jurisdictions, guaranteeing our clients a multidisciplinary work, with a personalized approach in the management of their processes.

Our methodology

Faithful to our promise of value, the rendering of our services involves in general terms four phases: the first one of approach, knowledge and diagnosis, the second one is oriented to the detailed and meticulous understanding of the expectations and desires of our client; in which with the legal and juridical means we establish real, serious and concrete objectives, with which from the beginning the standards of work are established.

Then, in a third moment, a strategy to execute is established, which is followed up periodically and adjusted as circumstances demand it.

Finally, the client receives the result of our work through the elements that validate and evidence the contracted work; which may consist of legal certificates, public records, private documents, administrative and judicial resolutions.)

Our Legal & Corporate  Services