RSM Cyprus internship program is designed to empower, challenge and inspire next-generation leaders in order to help them unveil and test their knowledge and potential in a real working environment. 

Our internship program provides a comprehensive learning experience that allows new talents to meet with our professional experts from various departments, access our unlimited library of knowledge at RSM Campus, experience a real-case scenario and acquire practical insights into client communications.   

As a leading provider in the professional services industry, we understand that it is very important for new talents to gain knowledge and skills in order to develop and realise their ambitions. Therefore, we have created a supportive learning environment with hands-on experience to enable them to explore their potential and skills.    

Our professionals have various challenges and activities in place that combine practical experience, mentorship, learning sessions and opportunities that enhance personal and professional growth.   

Our internship program aims to equip new talents with the skills, knowledge and confidence to excel in their future careers. 

What makes our internship program stand out?

Meet our Professional Experts

On the first day, managers and partners from all departments welcome our interns at our HQ in Limassol. 
Our interns have the opportunity to learn how RSM can help them develop their skills and qualifications opportunities, learn each department's fundamental tasks and understand the importance of collaboration, teamwork, understanding and active listening.  

Le(t)go audit challenge

A game where our interns follow a 360o collaboration approach. 

With the builder as a verbal instructor, a scripter to record their steps, and using only one hand, they must collaborate to build an identical helicopter model.     

Knowledge is Power

Learn from industry experts through webinars and presentations on RSM Campus about various assurance tax and consulting topics and gain international knowledge that will set you apart in your future endeavours. 

Put your skills to the test

Experiencing a Real case study scenario is a pretty challenging task that our team prepared. 

Giving you a taste of what it is like to liaise with clients, identify the problem, analyse, strategise and find applicable solutions to make the client proceed with informed decisions certainly had a high degree of difficulty. 

Mastering client communication

Communication is vital for maintaining and forming personal relationships as well as sharing our thoughts and needs. 

Learning to write professional emails and respond to clients' inquiries is among the many things you must encounter during your internship. 

Presenting to Partners

A presentation to our Partners is among our internship program's highlights and most exciting parts. 

Showcasing your hard work and way of thinking is definitely a moment to remember with a lasting impression.          

We asked a few of our new talents that joined the RSM Cyprus internship program to share their feedback.    


Q: How would you describe your overall experience during the RSM Cyprus Internship program?

A: Overall, I would say it was the best possible way to spend the summer. I immediately felt part of the team, and the things I've learned and the skills I further developed will definitely turn out to be helpful in the future. 

Also, the insightful conversations I've had with my coworkers about their careers have enlightened me about the career possibilities in this field and ensured that I made the right career choice. 


Q: What would you say to a peer about the RSM Cyprus internship program? 

A: In my internship at RSM Cyprus, I learned so much about the work and the environment in the office. 

At the office, everyone helps each other, and we always exchange any information we have to improve ourselves and the team. As a result of this experience, I am more excited to pursue a career in accounting and auditing. I hope we will keep in touch as I finish university and work in the company's friendly environment.


Q: In what ways did the internship program prepare you for the future?

A: At RSM Cyprus, the internship program has helped me develop and refine specific personal skills and aided me in better understanding the field of my studies.

Through the different case studies completed and interactions with colleagues, my collaborative and social skills improved significantly. Additionally, as I had to present specific findings to the company's higher executives, my presentation skills were also enhanced. Moreover, I have gained an insightful understanding of what working in an audit office truly is and painted a better picture of the different services such firms offer.

Everything I learnt from the program will definitely contribute to shaping me into a better individual and professional. It will most certainly allow me to work with more confidence in such an environment. 


Q: What was the highlight of your Internship at RSM Cyprus?

A: The whole experience at RSM Cyprus, from which we obtained a great amount of knowledge and skills, has undoubtedly been amazing and unique. 

However, one thing that stands out the most is the case study we worked on during our training at the Audit Department. For this study, we were asked to research and analyse a new client and detect any mistakes or weaknesses they had. The plan was to prepare the planning phase of the auditing. 

Finally, we had the opportunity to present our work to Mr Themistocleous, CEO, Mr Mouzouris, Partner, and Mr Kyriakou, Audit Senior Manager, which felt truly challenging. Despite the study being "simulative", it felt realistic and helped us get a great insight into how industry professionals work. 


Q: How did the real case study scenario help you develop your problem-solving skills?

A: The real case study scenario has played a pivotal role in developing my problem-solving skills. 

Firstly, it helped me organise my knowledge effectively. By applying theoretical concepts to a practical situation, I was able to integrate my understanding and identify knowledge gaps. 

Secondly, it fostered my innovation skills and creativity in problem-solving scenarios. Real-life challenges from the case study demanded unique and unconventional solutions, challenging me to think outside the box. 

Thirdly, it promoted teamwork and collaboration. Overall, this experience has been instrumental in honing my problem-solving skills, preparing me for real-world challenges. 

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