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Optimise your financial performance with our tax planning services. 


Your corporation needs to be tax compliant. Yet with so much to consider when running your business, you could find yourself in need of corporate tax support. It is of immense importance to receive tax planning advice that is clear, creative, cost-effective, and comprehensive.

Our thorough knowledge, along with the practical experience built up from years of working within tax laws, allows us to provide you with a proactive approach, avoiding challenges and minimizing tax burdens.

Our financial tax planning services recognize this need and provide customized tax advisory solutions covering the whole spectrum of financial planning, whether national or international. Our team of tax law experts has the knowledge to define your business and personal tax obligations according to Cyprus tax regulations. 

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How we deliver tax planning services

Each business is unique. Thus, we aim to provide services tailored to each client's needs.

Our tax planning advisors specialize in international tax planning and can help you design tax-efficient international corporate structures by considering your specific needs and requirements. Our expertise in the field of tax planning covers an extensive range of industries and business types.

At the same time, we can prepare, submit, and negotiate on your behalf and finalize your tax assessments with the tax department by considering the provided tax incentives and Double Tax Treaties. We adhere to strict deadlines, tax compliance regulations, and tax updates to ensure we deliver exceptional tax advisory services. 


Our corporate tax planning services

At RSM, when it comes to tax compliance and tax modification issues, we closely monitor regulations and notify you of the actions that need to be followed according to your industry and business activities.


Corporate Tax Services

  • Corporate tax consultancy
  • Corporate strategic tax planning
  • Tax returns and computations
  • Tax advise and opinions
  • Tax ruling
  • Tax certificates


Individual Tax Services

  • Tax services
  • Tax consultancy
  • Tax returns and computations
  • Capital statements
  • Tax certificates


Value Added Tax (VAT) Services

  • Value Added Tax
  • Consultancy and planning
  • VAT returns and registration
  • Intrastat returns and registration
  • VIES returns and registration


Custom tax planning solutions from RSM Cyprus

For more information on how RSM Cyprus’ tax law experts deliver specialized tax services, get in touch with our team today or book a face-to-face appointment at one of our office locations in Cyprus.

We’re here to help with any queries regarding your corporate tax, individual tax, or VAT, and to help your corporation towards success.    


Φόρος Κεφαλαιουχικών Κερδών: Εξαίρεση δωρεάς ακίνητης ιδιοκτησίας σε ανάδοχο τέκνο / Cyprus Capital Gains Tax Law: Exemption of real estate property gifted to foster children

29 December 2020
Με βάση τον τροποποιητικό Νόμο, αναφορικά με το Άρθρου 10, ο περί Κεφαλαιουχικών Κερδών Νόμος εξαιρεί ως φορολογητέα διάθεση, δωρεές ακίνητης ιδιοκτησίας από ανάδοχο γονέα σε ανάδοχο τέκνο (ως ορίζονται στον περί Παιδιών Νόμο). Η πρόνοια του νόμου εφαρμόζεται από τις 23 Δεκεμβρίου 2020.

Cyprus Tax Law: Extension of the Income Tax exemption, according to Art 8(21)

29 December 2020
According to the amending law in respect of the Article 8(21), the Cyprus Income Tax Law provides that the lower of €8.550 and 20% of the remuneration from any employment exercised in Cyprus by an individual who was resident outside Cyprus the tax year before the year of commencement of employment in Cyprus is exempt from income tax.

CbC Reporting: Extension of submission deadline

29 December 2020
Following announcement issued by the Cyprus Tax Department, the filing obligations in respect of CbC reporting, are extended as below:

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