Cyprus enjoys worldwide attention and acquired serious investments from energy giants. The discovery of hydrocarbon natural gas reserves in the country's Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) is transforming Cyprus into a future key energy player in the Eastern Mediterranean area.

The energy sector will undoubtedly have a leading role in Cyprus' future and create massive investment opportunities across the industry and the overall Cyprus economy. 

The government is developing strategies, plans and alliances with the neighbouring countries to exploit its multi-billion wealth, thus creating openings to significant investors in the oil and gas sector. The opportunities arising from research, production, transport, transformation and the sale of oil and natural gas are indeed endless.


Cyprus is an island country that offers security and stability in an increasingly turbulent region.


The country's energy developments placed Cyprus in the centre stage of the revealing discoveries in the Eastern Mediterranean. Because of its geographical placement in the centre of three continents (Europe, Asia and Africa), Cyprus is a convenient location for setting up various auxiliary services to support the oil and gas industry and setting up company HQ's for backing the activities in the EMEA region.​

The emerging oil and gas sector in Cyprus is still relatively untouched. Therefore, it offers a unique opportunity for investors to fulfil their ambition to become an important international energy hub and an energy leader in the region. Furthermore, the island's excellent business environment and infrastructure, combined with the incomparable tax and legal framework, form a competitive and professional environment for multinational companies and activities.

Overall, the energy sector is very complex by its core since it received influences from the economic, regulatory, technological and environmental framework; thus, it is a challenging sector for companies seeking to enter new markets and expand their operations.  

Therefore, it is essential to cooperate with advisors with practical experience in the sector's demands to support your business strategies and objectives to help you achieve your business goals.


Our professionals located across the continents have vast experience in serving the energy sector and can deal with complex issues that may arise amongst others, from financial transactions, national and international audit regulations to risk assessments and compliance.


Our network collective experience in alliance with the particularities of the sector enables us to identify growth opportunities derive from the industry influences and international market trends to assist you in your operations and decision–making process that can contribute to your business success.


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