We offer opportunities to grow


RSM Cyprus with a full understanding of our personnel concerns and individuals' requirements, offers a flexible package of rewards and benefits personalised to each person's needs. 

We believe that personnel relationships are equally important as those in a family since 1/3 of our time is spent interacting with each other. 

Therefore, we support the well-being of our personnel by offering an empathetic culture and opportunities to develop personally and professionally. 

Regardless of your professional and educational level, we provide a wide range of career options. 

We follow an open-communication strategy that relies on understanding and collaboration, ensuring that each team member's opinion is valuable and heard. 


Our aim is for our people to feel motivated and inspired to become a better version of themselves.

We know by fact that changes create opportunities and a pleasant eagerness with a positive anxiety feeling. 

Consequently, when welcoming new team members, we fully support them by assigning a mentor to whom they can address any questions they may have.

The last few years have shown us to expect the unexpected and always be prepared to support our personnel in their daily needs. 

Therefore, to support our personnel needs, we have implemented the hybrid working model that allows our personnel to work remotely.

Work-life balance and our personnel's well-being are amongst the values we share and encourage in our organisational culture. 

For this reason, on Fridays, we work from 8:00 – 13:00, whereas during the week, we work from 8:00 – 13:00 / 13:45 – 17:15. 

Having this setup, our personnel can enjoy the benefit of long weekends throughout the year.

We want our personnel to feel happy. 

For that reason, we offer the 13th salary every December near Christmas as a token of appreciation and thank you for their good work, loyalty and trust.

We have in place a flexible employee provident fund scheme that further promotes our personnel's welfare and assists them in reserving funds they can reach upon their retirement.

Knowledge is power. Lifelong learning is what keeps us moving and achieving our goals. 

The development of our personnel is in the midst of our concerns. 

We invest in our personnel development by offering them a range of training programs and seminars via our global network (RSM Academy and RSM Campus), and with external providers, besides the in-house hands-on training, they experience daily. Besides professional training on local and international trends, our training programs also include "soft-skills development" training.

We believe that children and family relationships come first. 

Subsequently, with understanding and empathy, we consider each person's situation and needs and find solutions that provide a smooth coexistence of work and family matters.

Interaction between our personnel is highly encouraged since it assists in creating more robust, long-lasting relationships and like-minded thinking. 

For that reason, we organise events and activities that promote the interaction between our team members in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

According to each member's role and tasks, we provide the necessary technological tools and programs to work productively and efficiently remotely or at the office. 

Moreover, we constantly update and monitor our cyber security systems.

Everyone's opinion matters. 

Following the values of respect, understanding, cooperation, empathy, support and trust, we always try to maintain a productive, comfortable, positive working environment that enhances open and honest communication, empowerment, professionalism, and commitment to excellence with the people-first approach in a leading role.

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