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Being an entrepreneur means you are resourceful, process-oriented, self-motivated, creative, and innovative individual. It also means you have a vision, strategic thinking, thorough planning skills, and marketing and sales capabilities.

Building a business from the ground up is tough and you might need startup consulting support in those early days of business.

Our professional startup specialists can assist you with business feasibility analysis, business plan preparation, brand building, and more. We can help get your idea launched, setting up your startup for success.

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Our approach to supporting startups

We’ve helped numerous startups find their feet, ushering them towards their goals and their desired success. Our startup services are designed to uniquely serve your business needs, enabling you to thrive within your industry and gain traction in those early months and years.

Our startup consultancy services can help you plan every part of your business, such as setting up processes, entity incorporation, identifying key targets and opportunities, forming effective sales and marketing teams, and implementing a strategic growth plan.

When you partner with RSM, we’ll take the time to get to know your goals, desires, and ambitions. This intimate knowledge of where you want your startup to go helps us to deliver startup consulting services that work.

How we deliver startup consultancy services

According to our experience, there is no standard formula that startups can follow, since many factors may determine their success.

Our team of audit, tax planning, and financial advisors can assist you in making the right decisions by providing a thorough analysis of all the factors that will contribute to your startup's success and support you from the idea's inception until its realization.

With RSM, you gain access to 48,000 professional business minds across six continents. Giving your startup a global outlook right from the start, enabling you to develop your business plan with a local and international focus.

We can also provide startup consulting that helps you build your sales and marketing strategies, brand building, company positioning, SEO, and social media campaigns with the support of our team of experts and associates.  

Startup services on a global scale

With our extensive network of trusted contacts and consultants, we can take care of any of your operational aspects including:

  • Business feasibility analysis on specific cases, ideas and projects
  • Helping you decide what jurisdiction and type of business will be the most appropriate one for the product, service and market you wish to serve 
  • Incorporating your new legal entity in any selected jurisdiction
  • Setting up your company's infrastructure 
  • Assisting you with your interaction with the financial institutions and overseeing all funding procedures. 
  • Help recruit the right talents and train your personnel
  • Business Plan preparation
  • Building your sales and marketing strategies
  • Building your branding; positioning, website development, marketing campaigns, social media campaigns, SEO etc. 
  • Project management and advisory

Most importantly, we align ourselves closely with you and your business to ensure all targets and strategies are in place and executed correctly, mitigate possible risks, and apply counteractive actions when needed to safeguard your business operations.

Startup consulting from RSM Cyprus 

RSM’s startup specialists are here to help. If you need the advice of an expert regarding your idea or new project and setting up your startup, contact us today. Alternatively, book an appointment at one of our Cyprus offices located in Limassol, Paphos, and Nicosia.

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