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Financial due diligence, also known as accounting due diligence, is the procedure where audit and financial consultants provide potential investors with a special report analysing the key economic figures of a company.

These financial reports aim to assist potential investors in investment evaluation and decision-making. Consequently, no deal – i.e., mergers and acquisitions – or transactions should go forward without performing financial due diligence.

It is of utmost importance each transaction be assessed and investigated by an independent accredited audit, tax, and consulting firm with international experience. That’s what our global network of due diligence consultants can do.

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Financial due diligence the RSM way

RSM has the experience to perform a thorough check of your firm's affairs and targets, review its financial records, and provide potential investors or purchasers with critical information. That information will either confirm your firm's statements or raise questions for further examination and the renegotiation of the terms of the transaction.

Our team of due diligence specialists has significant experience in buying and selling transactions across markets and industries.

Whether you are negotiating a merger, an acquisition, a joint venture, or extending credit to a borrower, we can provide you with the necessary due diligence and documentation that will assist you in making a well-informed decision.

Our due diligence services

A financial due diligence report is not just a general investigation that provides reassurance that the financial statements of the company presented are accurate.

It is a special report that varies based on the situation, industry, and type of transaction, which includes specific elements that identify substantial issues the buyer or seller wish to know before the transaction, i.e.:

  • Identify areas of potential risk
  • Assess the management structure
  • Evaluate procedures and practises
  • Identify business target strengths and weaknesses 
  • Provide valuation services
  • Analyse cash flows, balance sheet assets and liabilities
  • Evaluate trends and management's forecast
  • Exit Readiness
  • Identify sustainable earnings
  • Estimate the current and potential value of the company

Precise and tailored financial due diligence from RSM Cyprus

Whatever your financial accounting due diligence requirements are, RSM will build a custom solution to deliver the information, documentation, and accurate reporting to help your corporation reach a favourable outcome. 

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