Retail and consumer products sector overview

We know what your challenges are! The retail and consumer goods sector landscaping is changing radically.

Nowadays' consumers are very well-informed. Using their digital devices in the comfort of their homes, they can browse through their options and select the products and services that can satisfy their needs without experiencing any market boundaries.

Digitalization not only altered the industry's behaviour but also affected consumers' decision-making process considerably. The overflow of information towards consumers through the various digital communication channels formed a highly competitive, demanding and challenging environment for retailers, traders, suppliers and logistic companies.

This evolution is what the retail and consumer goods entrepreneurs need to confront by implementing holistic business models that include, amongst others:

  • new business models implementation,
  • development of sustainable strategies
  • identification of new opportunities
  • process optimizations,
  • minimization of the operational costs,
  • enhancement of the customer support experience,
  • after-sale service,
  • risk assessments, etc.

In our era, the battle of differentiation and product selection is fierce. 

Therefore, optimization of processes, identification of opportunities, risk assessments and unique positioning are some of the main factors that a company's sector should look at and seek the advice of professionals to lead their business towards success.  


How our team of experts can help your business

We at RSM, with years of experience in our field, can fully understand your industry's challenges and subsequently recognize the importance of having a solid sustainable business plan.  

Therefore, whether you are involved in trade, retail, supply of goods and services or logistics, we can identify new opportunities, analyze your financial position and processes, and suggest solutions to optimize your operational costs and enhance your business operations.   

In addition, we can assess your margin, cash flows and prices in comparison with your costs and competition to enhance your business competitiveness and sustainability.

Briefly, our services are range and not limited to transaction services, audit, tax optimization and advising, accounting services, annual financial reports, VAT and VIES services, development of financing models, design of internal financial control systems, audit and tax compliance, consulting on business development, economic risk assessments, etc. 

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