The Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) sector operates in a fast-paced and pioneering setting where challenges exist at all levels of its operation.  


Whether you are a startup or a mature company is crucial to keep up with the sector's pace to sustain its operations and achieve further growth.

As an ICT company, you receive influences from all over the world. Your business is affected by the industry's technological advancements and the different regulatory frameworks deriving from the international and national markets, i.e. data security regulations, immigration law, tax law, corporate law, intellectual property law, IFRS regulations, etc.

Moreover, innovation, infrastructure, and intellectual property rights possess a high percentage of your business operations; consequently, funding, working capital and capital management are essential for sustainability and growth.    

In addition to that, high amounts of investment are being allocated to R&D, systems updates, network upgrades and infrastructure developments to satisfy the shifting interests of customers and cope with the continuous advancement of the ICT international marketplace.  

How our professional team of experts can support your business

Our audit, assurance, tax and consulting team having close cooperation with the ICT professionals in the RSM network across continents, can support your business operations by applying the ideas and knowledge deriving from years of international experience to your company.

Our experience allows us to support you on various business issues such as audit and financial statements reports, internal audit processes appraisals, economic assessments, feasibilities studies, risk management, tax compliance and consulting, financial analysis, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures,  etc.  

Furthermore, we can assist you in securing funding for your ICT company by analysing the different funding sources and providing all the necessary financial data to support your requirements.

As per our experience finding the appropriate funding sources for your purpose is of utmost importance since any mismanagement practice may raise significant problems to your company's working capital and liquidity. 

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