Our team of Advisors and Consultants have researched and collected the most important information surrounding Cyprus' shipping environment and provide insights about the shipping industry by identifying and demonstrating the distinctive qualities, features, and competitive advantages pertaining to the island's shipping industry. 

The publication is developed to enable the reader to navigate the confluence and imposingness of the shipping industry in Cyprus and offer valuable insights into the sector.

The subjects covered in the "Cyprus Shipping Insights 2023" edition include among others the following: 

  • Cyprus Economy 
  • International Shipping 
  • Shipping in Europe 
  • Cyprus Shipping 
  • Cyprus Flag 
  • Maritime Safety and Security 
  • Registration of Vessels 
  • Fiscal and Economic Incentives 
  • Cyprus Shipping Taxation System 
  • Green Transformation and Digitisation 
  • Environmental Tax Incentives 
  • Policies to promote e-fuels in maritime transport 
  • Insights by Industry Leaders 

"Cyprus Shipping Insights 2023" serves as a reference tool for stakeholders, professionals and other interested parties, and it spans across all fields surrounding the shipping environment of Cyprus. In no circumstances shall this guide be regarded as specialised professional advice. 

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